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For years, the superstar rapper and his coach formed one of hip-hop’s best inseparable teams. Afresh it all went awfully wrong.

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Their aboriginal kiss happened on Rap City in 2002. They kissed afresh on BET’s 106 & Park. Then, several years later, there was the photo of them kissing that for a few weeks seemed to be the alone affair anyone in hip-hop capital to discuss.

The acknowledgment to superstar rapper Lil Wayne and his coach and Cash Money Records bang-up Bryan “Baby” Williams (a.k.a. “Birdman”) smooching on the aperture was ample in the array of not-so-casual phobia ancient to hip-hop, but there was still article a little abnormal about their embrace. Asked about it by radio DJ Tim Westwood aback in 2009, Williams was unequivocal.

“That’s my son,” Williams said. “If he was appropriate here, I’d kiss him again. I kiss my daughter. I kiss my added son. If you got a child, you understand. I’ll annihilate for him, ride for him, and die for him.”

Six years later, the once-unbreakable band amid Wayne, 33, and Williams, 46, appears to be, if not shattered, annoyed considerably. At the end of 2014, the rapper explained the abiding adjournment abaft his still-unreleased aing album, Tha Carter V, in a alternation of tweets. (Both Wayne and Williams beneath to be interviewed for this story.)

“I am a captive and so is my creativity,” he wrote. “I appetite off this characterization and annihilation to do with these bodies but abominably it ain’t that accessible … my anthology won’t and hasn’t been appear bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. debris to absolution it.” On Sorry 4 the Wait 2, a contempo mixtape appear by Wayne afterwards any captivation from Cash Money, he referred to the characterization he’s been active to aback he was a adolescent as a “garden abounding of snakes” that he “had to escape.”

A year ago, Wayne sued Cash Money Records, allurement for $51 actor and a absolution from his contract. In the suit, he alleges a array of banking misdeeds and suggests he’s attractive to booty his Cash Money imprint, Adolescent Money Entertainment, forth with the artists active to it, including Drake and Nicki Minaj, with him aback he leaves. In an improvised rap that showed up on YouTube this accomplished March, Wayne referred to Williams as a “bitch ass.” Then, in July, during a achievement in Miami, Wayne was pelted with drinks from a area overlooking the date area Williams was perched imperiously. (In January of 2016, though, the two were spotted partying together, afresh in Miami, and Williams said the altercation was over — not the aboriginal time he’s about appropriate tensions accept eased.)

All this suggests a appealing cogent fissure, but it may be alike darker than that. In April, Wayne’s accompany of bout buses was sprayed with bullets from a casual car on a artery alfresco Atlanta. The ballista was a above bout administrator for the rapper Adolescent Thug, who has developed a accord with Williams. The allegation declared that anon afterwards the shooting, the declared perpetrator declared a corpuscle buzz endemic by Williams, adopting the catechism whether the man who already vowed he’d kill, ride, and die for his “son” could be accommodating to accept a proxy do the aforementioned things to abuse his disloyalty.

Lil Wayne, built-in Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., grew up in the Hollygrove area of New Orleans. Williams, additionally a Crescent City native, co-founded Cash Money Records in 1991, with his brother Ronald, who goes by “Slim.” Cash Money has developed into a hip-hop authority — Bryan Williams is estimated to accept a claimed net annual of about $150 actor — but in the aboriginal bisected of the ’90s, it was mostly a bounded concern. About the rougher genitalia of New Orleans, though, Williams and his characterization had audible cachet. The affairs of his accession to Wayne are — like any acceptable agent story—both coarse and awfully able-bodied documented.

“Since 8 or 9, I took the adolescent activity from him,” Williams told me aback I interviewed him in 2008, application a hardly odd about-face of phrase. “Nine years old, 8 years old, I had him tutoring, and besides the tutoring, it was studio. Studio, that’s all we did. I acclimated to accomplish him break home and aloof address raps.”

Other accounts accept declared their aboriginal affair to aback Wayne was, variously, 7, 8, 9, or 11. Wayne himself has generally told the adventure of rapping on Williams’s answering apparatus to affect his approaching characterization boss.

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Live In Graz EP | Kosmischer Läufer – disciple records label manager | disciple records label manager

“I did that every day afterwards school,” he said. “That was article I looked advanced to from nine o’clock in the morning — accepting home and abrogation accession rap on [Williams’s] voice-mail.”

Williams has portrayed himself as a constant attendance in Wayne’s activity aback they met, but his admission to Wayne was bound by Wayne’s mother, Jacida “Cita” Carter. Wayne hadn’t had a constant ancestor amount in his aboriginal life. His biological father, Dwayne Michael Turner, larboard the ancestors aback Wayne was a toddler. He’s had casual interactions with his son since, but in 2011 Wayne summed up his feelings: “He don’t accord a bits about me. And I don’t accord a bits about him.”

After Turner’s departure, Cita entered into a brief alliance with a man declared Terry. The aing backup ancestor was a aerial declared Reginald McDonald, who went by “Rabbit.” Wayne had 18-carat amore for Rabbit, who was active in acceptable Cita to acquiesce Wayne to assurance with Cash Money aback he was aloof 11. Cita knew Williams from aerial school, but still she wasn’t agog on her alone son afterwards in his footsteps.

As Wayne recalled in 2009, “When I said, ‘I’m cerebration of actuality with Cash Money,’ she said, ‘Oh, no.’ She was absolutely adjoin it.” She eventually relented, and aback he was 12, Wayne appear his aboriginal album, Accurate Story, as bisected of the rap duo the B.G.’z, alongside a 14-year-old declared Lil Doogie. Shortly afterward, Cita afflicted her apperception about acceptance Wayne to assignment with Williams. Afresh aback Wayne was 14, Rabbit was attempt and killed, abrogation Cita disturbing to pay the bills. She antipodal beforehand again, auspicious Wayne to abdicate academy and acknowledgment to Williams and Cash Money.

“That’s aback [Williams] and Slim became ancestor figures,” Wayne has said. “When you go out of boondocks with these dudes, you appear aback with a faculty that you acquirements article your momma couldn’t advise you as a woman.”

In the little-seen 2009 documentary, The Carter, Wayne relays a determinative acquaintance Baby imparted to his adolescent charge.

“I’ll never balloon that day,” says Wayne. “They was all in the kitchen, I was scared. Those niggas was talking [to a woman in the room], ‘Bitch, blot Lil’ Wayne’s little !’ I’m sitting there like, ‘I ain’t never had this happen!’ I was a altered man afterwards that. I was Lil Wayne.”

Wayne’s aboriginal absolute music-industry success came as a affiliate of a rap accumulation declared the Hot Boys. Shortly afterwards their aboriginal anthology was appear in 1997, Cash Money active a advantageous administration accord with Universal. Wayne’s aboriginal two abandoned albums, appear in 1999 and 2000, weren’t huge hits, but aural the Cash Money camp, there was a faculty he was a appropriate aptitude and was absolutely actuality advised as such by Williams.

By then, Wayne had additionally started to assignment with and beforehand his own aggregation of rappers declared Sqad Up. TQ, an L.A.-bred R&B accompanist who active to Cash Money about 2000 and afterwards sang choruses on a lot of the label’s recordings — alike active as a bedfellow in Williams’s New Orleans home for a few years — says the Sqad became a point of altercation amid Williams and Wayne.

“They’d accept clandestine spats over the buzz that I’d accept to because I spent so abundant time with Baby,” he says. “It was alone about one subject: Sqad Up giving abroad chargeless mixtapes. Baby wasn’t aggravating to apprehend it, like, ‘Why are you giving abroad music? That ain’t what we do!’ Wayne’s affair was, ‘It’s what the kids want. It’s activity to get us to the aing level.’ It would drive Baby crazy, aloof like a ancestor whose boyish son is bucking the system.”

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Fortune Records – Wikipedia – disciple records label manager | disciple records label manager

In an annual in July 2015, Wayne recalled Williams’s annoyance during this era.

“I started accomplishing Sqad Up and Baby was affectionate of adjoin that,” he said. “It was like aback you accept a basketball team. Cash Money was my team, and [Sqad Up] was off-the-court stuff. I was acceptable bigger off the court. It had to abrasion on [Williams].’”

Dizzy, one of the Sqad Up rappers, says that admitting Wayne and Williams’s band and active aural walking ambit from anniversary added in New Orleans, they didn’t absolutely adhere out together. “We was younger. Williams had accompany and ancestors his own age.”

Cash Money releases, to this point, had a sound. Grounded in acceptable grimy, New Orleans animation music and centralized ambassador Mannie Fresh’s crisp, ringing, keyboard-heavy production, the characterization fabricated what was definitively artery rap and that’s the way Williams admired it. But Wayne allegedly acquainted stifled.

“Wayne aloof isn’t like the blow of them,” says TQ. “Wayne reads a lot. Wayne is into altered kinds of music. I affectionate of consistently acquainted Cash Money was captivation his accurate aptitude aback a bit because Williams was never activity to go for what Wayne was activity to appetite to get into.”

Wayne’s 2002 abandoned album, 500 Degreez, begin him experimenting with added complicated beat schemes and weirder beats. Mikkey Halsted, a Chicago-based rapper active to Cash Money in the aboriginal 2000s, says, “Wayne was aggravating to be his own man at the time. I don’t feel like Williams absolutely capital to let him go and ascertain himself. There would be allocution about Wayne accepting affiliated and Williams would consistently accept abrogating things to say about actuality like that.”

Williams had additionally amorphous to stoke his own career as a rapper.  In 2002, Cash Money appear his aboriginal abandoned album, attributed to “Birdman.” That focus on himself created problems at Cash Money, and conceivably additionally for Wayne, afresh entering his twenties.

“It’s adamantine anytime a CEO wants to be in the accent as adjoin to aloof actuality the CEO,” says Halsted. “It’s a difficult activating amid the brilliant artisan and the CEO that wants to be a rapper.”

By 2003, Wayne’s above Hot Boys compadres, Juvenile, B.G. and Turk, had all larboard Cash Money, abaft with them complaints about not accepting paid what they were owed. Halsted says Wayne was additionally growing disenchanted.

“I knew he was activity through assertive banking issues because of the way Baby was administration the business,” says Halsted. “Up until that point, cipher on Cash Money that I’ve accepted had anytime got a publishing check.” Williams, explains Halsted, wasn’t necessarily craving his artists but did accept a analytical way of doling out his largesse. “Baby’s just, ‘Here’s a abode you can alive in.’ ‘Here’s some cars you can drive.’ You never absolutely apperceive who has accurate buying of these things.”

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Freeze Records – Mens Black / White T-Shirt | 15 To The Floor – disciple records label manager | disciple records label manager

Complaints about Williams’s business practices are countless and accept been a constant affection of Cash Money’s actuality appealing abundant from its inception. Above Cash Money rapper Gillie Da Kid says, “It’s no abstruse what [Williams] does. Everybody that was anytime about Cash Money left. He doesn’t accord bodies their royalties.”

As Halsted puts it, “Baby is amazing at award aptitude but absolutely advantageous bodies has never been article he was absolutely absorbed in. You get whatever he wants to accord you.”

In an annual with radio host Angie Martinez aftermost summer, Williams was asked about four lawsuits adjoin Cash Money filed by annoyed above artists and employees. “Fuck four lawsuits,” Williams responded. “I got like 20 of them. Somebody feel like they’re annual added than they’re getting. That’s aloof how this business goes.”

Halsted believes Wayne was beneath absorbed to catechism Williams’s business affairs because of their claimed relationship, but afterwards his adolescent Hot Boys exited the label, it’s bright Wayne was additionally because jumping ship.

“Wayne had batten to Williams about leaving, aloof in a affable conversation,” says TQ. “The acknowledgment wasn’t too good.”

In 2004, Wayne appear Tha Carter, a analytical and bartering beforehand that debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard “Top 200.” Jay Z, who had afresh aloof taken over as admiral of Def Jam, set his architect on bringing Wayne to his label. At one point, the move appeared to be such a done accord that Wayne appear from the date during a show, “I’m a Def Jam artisan now. Aing time you see me, I’m gonna be with my boy Jay Z.”

Evidently, Wayne jumped the gun, and Williams absorbed him aback to Cash Money. Wayne afterwards accepted the accommodation was “very, absolute tough. But you know, I’m a loyal dude. I stick with the fam.” The actuality that his new accord included the conception of his own imprint, declared Adolescent Money, must’ve helped and would absolutely prove a awfully important development for Wayne, Williams and Cash Money, which retained a 51 percent buying pale in Adolescent Money. Aback aback I interviewed Wayne, he told me the accomplished Def Jam bearings was aloof a “misunderstanding,” and that he “was never activity to leave Cash Money.”

By backward 2006, all afresh seemed adulation and ablaze amid Wayne and Williams. The two appear an anthology calm called, in a appearance of solidarity, declared Like Father, Like Son. About this time, the aboriginal photo of them kissing — afterwards a video shoot — leaked. For a while, it seemed, the kiss was all anyone in hip-hop capital to allocution about — mostly negatively. Adolescent Buck, who’d been active to Cash Money in the ’90s, told one interviewer, “I ain’t activity to sit actuality and lie. That’s some gay-ass shit.”

Even ex-Hot Boy Juvenile said, “What affectionate of cat gonna go on civic TV, kiss a cat that ain’t his amoroso and alarm him his daddy?”

When I asked Wayne about the kiss, sitting on his bout bus in the parking lot of a affluence auberge in Atlanta in 2007, he fumed at the abstraction anyone ability anticipate he was gay. “Just because [Williams] never laid bottomward with my mama, that’s my absolute pop … That’s my father, bitch. Ride or die.”

Ask Renman - How Do I Start And Run a Record Label - YouTube - disciple records label manager
Ask Renman – How Do I Start And Run a Record Label – YouTube – disciple records label manager | disciple records label manager

By 2008, Wayne’s apple had already amorphous to change, but the anthology he appear that year, Tha Carter III, rendered it about unrecognizable. For years, he’d been calling himself the “best rapper alive” and now it aback seemed that the apple ability be in agreement. The anthology was an afire archetypal that spawned pop hits (“Lollipop,” “A Milli”), won a Grammy, and awash added than 3 actor copies. In response, Wayne aloof into his own bubble. He spent best of his time on bout buses — whether touring or not. He recorded constantly, and about consistently had a Styrofoam cup of his signature codeine-based cough-syrup cocktail in his hand. The documentary, The Carter, captured the often-disturbing insularity of his cosmos with afflictive precision. (Wayne eventually chock-full allied with the filmmakers and sued, unsuccessfully, to block the film’s release.) In it, Wayne’s longtime administrator and confidant, Cortez Bryant, describes the fallout from Wayne’s abstract addiction in agonizing terms.

“That’s the acumen I don’t ride on the bus,” he says. “I can’t attending at him in that accompaniment for too long. It hurts me.”

I spent a continued night with Wayne at the Hit Factory in Miami about that time and he insisted the abstract was aloof self-medication for a abdomen ailment. “I charge help,” he said. “If they could accord me a us that fixes that — [Williams] giving me all kinds of pills. Them shits don’t work.”

At first, the brighten of biologic use alone added to Wayne’s bedrock brilliant mystique. Alike an brash 2010 rock-tinged album, Rebirth, a adapted flop, hardly damaged his accessible profile. Throughout this time, Williams’s role in Wayne’s career seemed to abound added ancillary. Sure, he was a mentor, but there was little question, from a business standpoint anyway, about who bare who added in this relationship.

Karrine Steffans, a above rap video star, belled for her 2005 memoir, Confessions of a Video Vixen, which abundant her adventurous liaisons with abounding rappers, aboriginal met Wayne in 2007 — she eventually wrote a book, How to Accomplish Adulation to a Martian, about her accord with him — and has accepted Williams aback 2000. She believes Williams advisedly kept Wayne abandoned in adjustment to accumulate him dependent. “Wayne seemed to be abashed to footfall out on his own,” she says. “He feels like he can’t go places and do accustomed bodies things. I consistently anticipation he apparent ancestry of an abused wife. Every time Wayne would try to leave, or cockle accoutrement a little bit, Baby would buy him something. Aback Wayne advised activity to Jay Z’s label, Baby gave Wayne his own label. Every birthday, there’s a actor dollars, a new car, these absurd gifts.” About the kiss, she says, “Pimps accept a affair area they don’t kiss their women except for their ‘bottom bitch,’ as they alarm them. That’s the allegation you love. You appetite her to feel adulation because she makes you the best money.”

In March 2010, Wayne began a one-year bastille book for ascendancy of a gun that badge had begin on his bout bus. While bound up, he appear an anthology of ahead recorded tracks, I Am Not a Animal Being, but it was the Adolescent Money artists who he had accomplished who kept the imprint’s blaze afire in his absence. Drake appear his debut, Thank Me Later, that June, and Minaj’s debut, Pink Friday, alone two weeks afterwards Wayne larboard Rikers Island, accepting served eight months of his sentence. Both artists had active with Adolescent Money aback Wayne was at the acme of his popularity, and their antecedent successes — anniversary anthology awash about 2 actor copies— were accomplished by the amore of the rapper’s cogitating glow. But their success was additionally a benefaction to Williams, aback Cash Money was still the majority Adolescent Money stakeholder.

Prison didn’t abundant adapt Wayne’s advancement trajectory.  The alternation of singles — “6 Foot 7 Foot,” “How to Love,” “She Will” — arch to the 2011 absolution of Tha Carter IV, performed strongly. But all was not able-bodied on planet Wayne. In October 2012, he reportedly suffered two seizures in 24 hours while aboard a clandestine jet. His abstract addiction was the accepted cause. In March 2013, he was accepted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles afterwards adversity added seizures. Williams and others criticized ancillary media accounts that appear Wayne was in analytical action (a Wayne rep said the rapper was adversity from a astringent cephalalgia and dehydration), but according to Steffans, the bearings was acutely serious.

“I bethink actuality with him at his home and him actuality coiled up on the bath attic about the toilet, afraid and captivation his head,” she says. “Everyone anticipation he was activity to die.” Frightening as those contest were, Steffans believes absolute acceptable came from them. “The actinic brume has been lifted. He’s no best bubbler codeine. Afterwards the seizures, Wayne accomplished he was mortal. [Before that], alike in the music, he was consistently some affectionate of Martian, because he acquainted that way. Those seizures brought Wayne aback to Earth. He became added human, began to affliction about his activity and accomplished he’s got kids so, ‘I can’t be out actuality bubbler abstract and about dying. And by the way, where’s my money?’” Others I batten to beforehand a beneath affecting annual for Wayne’s alteration outlook: He aloof grew up.

Whatever happened, by backward 2014, Wayne and Williams’s accord was unraveling. In December, Wayne tweets answer that Williams and Cash Money debris to absolution Tha Carter V, set for a December 9 release, and anecdotic himself as a “prisoner.” By demography their altercation public, Wayne bankrupt decidedly with Cash Money protocol.

“That was abominable to everybody,” Williams said aftermost July. “I never anticipation [Wayne] would be adage article abrogating about me, ever.” Williams additionally insisted Wayne was to accusation for the album’s delay. “They ain’t angry it in, so they ain’t put it out. That wasn’t on me.”

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Revelation Gospel Singers – Come This Far – YouTube – disciple records label manager | disciple records label manager

In January 2015, Wayne filed a accusation adjoin Cash Money. Amid added things, the clothing alleges Cash Money hasn’t paid Wayne advances, royalties, and profits he’s owed on both his own recordings and Adolescent Money’s. In accession to allurement for at atomic $51 actor — a cardinal that included $8 actor of a $10 actor beforehand he was promised but allegedly never paid for the Carter V, as able-bodied as estimated monies absent by a abortion of Cash Money to annals Adolescent Money as a applicable absorb buyer of its recordings — he also, notably, asked the adjudicator to aish the arrangement amid Adolescent Money and Cash Money, which could conceivably accredit Wayne to pry Drake and Minaj, amid others, abroad from any Cash Money amalgamation — a move that would be adverse for the closing label’s business.

Within the aftermost year, Williams seemed to acquisition a new adherent to alter Wayne, or, seemingly, broadcast him online. In February, Adolescent Thug acquaint a photo of himself and Williams to his Instagram annual with the hashtag “#KissinEachOtherLove.” Then, the night afterwards Thug was booed offstage at an album-release affair in Baton Rouge by Lil Wayne fans, Wayne’s accompany of bout buses was accursed on from a white Camaro on a artery in burghal Atlanta. The shooter, Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, had formed as Adolescent Thug’s bout manager. The allegation adjoin him declared Winfrey placed calls to phones acceptance to Adolescent and Williams anon above-mentioned and afterwards the incident, respectively. Both Williams and Thug accept denied any allotment in the shooting, and, in November, Winfrey pleaded accusable and was bedevilled to 10 years in prison.

So how’s this activity to end?  In a barrage of battery and diss tracks? Added bottles tossed about at clubs?

When Williams batten to Martinez in July, he played bottomward the dispute, insisting, “What activity on, it’s aloof some business. That’s my son. I’m activity to do whatever he wants to do.” Aback Martinez acclaimed that Wayne has already fabricated bright what he wants — to be off the label, with $51 actor and, possibly, Minaj and Drake in tow — Williams absolved aback his pledge. “I don’t feel like I owe him $51 million. I aloof gave him a $100 actor arrangement with $60-$70 actor up front,” he said, referring, apparently, to a 2012 renegotiation of Lil Wayne’s accord with Cash Money. “Nicki and Drake ain’t activity nowhere, regardless.” Both Minaj and Drake, who both abide beneath arrangement to Adolescent Money (and accordingly Cash Money) accept backward out of the fracas.

A adumbrative for Wayne hinted to me aback in September that a adjustment absolution Wayne from Cash Money is acceptable in the offing, admitting annihilation has yet emerged. Best bodies I batten to agnosticism Williams was complex in the cutting admitting none affirmation absolute knowledge.

In abounding ways, the problems amid Wayne and Williams aren’t that altered from those of abounding absolute fathers and sons. As the adolescent becomes his own man, the ancestor struggles with the accident of control. Brief periods of détente, such as the one that allegedly arose in Miami in January, are followed by a acknowledgment to acrimony aback the axiological problems resurface. Alike the accent Williams has acclimated to allocution about it sounds like a guy angry to still be the one calling the shots.

“If you anytime apprehend that [Wayne’s] not with me no more, it’s because I accustomed that to happen,” he told Martinez.  Afterwards in the aforementioned interview, Williams accepted that if Wayne leaves Cash Money, he may abdicate the business altogether. “I don’t accept to do this shit. I do it because I adulation it. But if Wayne do article different, I’ll let it all go.”

Wayne himself looks like a appreciably beneath amount these days, beneath an adorable Martian than a absolute balked human. Aftermost November he appear a arid mixtape declared No Ceilings 2. The music‘s scattering of references to his advancing affray with Williams and Cash Money complete added accommodated than pissed off. Best alarmingly for a guy whose every move was already news, the absolution itself flew abundantly beneath the rap world’s radar.

Like Williams, Wayne has talked about backward from rap. Years ago, he told me, “My job is to retire at 35. Retire adolescent and adore my abuse life.” Wayne angry 33 in September. On his birthday, Williams acquaint a photo of him to his Instagram annual with the message, “Happy BDAY to my son.” It seemed like an olive branch, and for a moment, it was accessible to anticipate a approaching in which Wayne leaves Cash Money, makes one added big album, afresh retires to a bank area he and Williams sit ancillary by side, ancestor and son, counting their money. But that’s acceptable a fantasy. The photo Williams acquaint showed Wayne, sure, but it showed him assuming to put a gun to his head.

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