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Android has afflicted abundantly in the aftermost ten years. Returning to avant-garde accouterments afterwards our actual series, I was addled by the beheld differences beyond versions. For a afterpiece look, we formed aback to an alike beforehand body on our T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream. For anyone who adeptness be curious, here’s a quick beheld analysis of Android 1.0 vs. Android 9 Pie. And don’t worry, this isn’t one of those godawful click-for-every-photo galleries, aloof a simple annal as we airing aback in time.

printable: Printable Wedding Tags Template Fancy Labels. Printable ..
printable: Printable Wedding Tags Template Fancy Labels. Printable .. | fancy shaped labels

Initially, I halfheartedly planned on appliance the G1 for addition anniversary on Android 1.0, but ultimately absitively that I had already spent abundant time exploring Android history firsthand. Alike so, one aftermost beam was in order, so I formed aback all the way to R29 for a quick attending at the aboriginal consumer-facing adaptation of everyone’s admired adaptable operating system.

For a added abundant analysis of the changes fabricated in Android version-by-version, I animate you to analysis out Ron Amadeo’s rolling history of Android. It was aftermost adapted with Nougat, but it’s still the accurate account of the operating system, and far added all-embracing than this brief beheld and anatomic examination.


The absence home awning and launcher accept afflicted absolutely a bit over the years, admitting the avant-garde eye can still aces out what it is at a glance. The T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream and Pixel 2 XL may be greatly altered hardware, but Android is still Android a decade later, and its best basal and apparent actualization are still there. (Although one could altercate that the Pixel Launcher isn’t absolutely a allotment of Android, it is the latest apotheosis of Google’s first-party intentions for the platform’s home screen.)

Looks aside, at its best basal akin it still functions the same: you get icons with argument labels for apps on customizable pages, with alternative widgets and a drawer abounding with installed apps. Artful differences like notification bar and argument backgrounds accept been adapted affluence of times over the years, fonts accept changed, the alarm has slid over to the left, and cachet icons are a lot prettier now, but it’s still Android.


But the bendability in architecture has afflicted absolutely a bit aback 1.0. Google is now blame for compatible but activating “adaptive” amount shapes — the array of accuracy Apple pressured with icons on iOS from the actual beginning. Android 1.0 was a bit of a crapshoot on an app-by-app basis, but Android is abundant added connected with its architecture accent now — excluding YouTube, anyway, which doesn’t assume to accept any abstraction what it’s doing.

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The all-embracing artful in Android has afflicted appealing acutely from the bitmap-and-gradient abounding 00’s. Aback again things like arrows and behemothic tabs were bare to accomplish it abundantly bright that an aspect was interactive, and in what way. Now a left-justified hamburger card implies an bend gesture, and the amphibian activity on is a accepted for “input/make a new thing.”

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15 Images of Fancy Italian Label Template | leseriail | fancy shaped labels


Android’s Settings card acclimated to be a decidedly dispersed place, with an… absorbing authoritative logic. Options like USB debugging acclimated to aloof be blind out in the Applications section, rather than hidden abroad central a abstruse Developer options pane. Pie may accept alien the blithely black icons for anniversary section, but alike Froyo included connected icons for beheld navigation. The OG was a text-only affair, and the options itself were sparse.


Priorities for buzz use accept afflicted a bit. The aforementioned aeronautics options in the dialer/phone apps are present beyond eras, but the absence awning you were alone to acclimated to be the manual-entry dialer. These canicule the Pixels discharge you to avatar-filled favorites.

Again, things attending a lot added avant-garde in Android 9 Pie, but best of the aforementioned basal actualization are present all the way aback in 1.0. Andy Rubin, Android, and Google were annihilation if not forward-thinking.


The aforementioned can’t be said for the browser. Of course, these canicule the Pixels accept confused to Chrome, but the G1/Dream and abounding consecutive accessories acclimated the aboriginal AOSP browser, and both the internet and the way we collaborate with it has afflicted a lot aback 2008.

You absolutely had to access a card to ascribe a URL on Android 1.0. At the time it was apparently to save amplitude — 3.2″ isn’t a lot of absolute estate. There were still tabs, admitting they were alleged “windows,” and the new tab/window folio on Android 1.0 artlessly dumped you to your home folio — Google, by default. In 2018/Android P, the new tab folio has your best frequently accessed sites, contempo bookmarks, and alike recommended content.

While in Android 1.0 you opened the browser to go somewhere, in Android 9 you can accessible up Chrome to acquisition about to go.

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15 Vector labels border HUGE FREEBIE! Download for PowerPoint .. | fancy shaped labels


Humorously, advice body on the Gmail app seems to accept alone a bit over the years. The aforementioned all-embracing cardinal of emails is arresting on both the 3.2″ G1 and the about 6″ Pixel 2 XL, admitting added advice (like the aboriginal few curve of anniversary message) is visible.

Colors and icons are all a bit added modern, but the up-front blueprint of the Gmail app has backward appealing constant, for bigger or worse. Some adeptness alarm that adherence dated, but at atomic it’s consistent.


The calculator on Android 1.0 highlights the 00’s addiction to skeuomorphic design. Perceived user benightedness already adumbrated that bodies couldn’t amount out the action of article on a awning after a real-world alongside in blueprint or design, consistent in the glossy-oned, drop-shadow buried abhorrence above. Designers assume to accept (mostly) gotten over that pretense, though.

The Android 1.0 calculator seems a bit simpler at aboriginal glance, but it did accept an “advanced” console like its avant-garde analogue — accessible via the card on or a accelerate beyond the awning — it aloof didn’t accept the anon arresting dejected bar and arrow to actualization how to get there.

One affection was defective from the original, however: It didn’t actualization you the acknowledgment as you were still typing.


Calendar ages angle (above) and agenda angle (below). Android 1.0 on the left, Android 9 Pie on the right. 

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Removable Kitchen Labels Fancy Shape 115.115″*115.15″ 1150 sheets/1151150 Labels .. | fancy shaped labels


The congenital agenda apps accept taken advantage of the access in awning admeasurement and resolution over the years. Again, the absorbed and alignment abaft the architecture haven’t afflicted too abundant — not abounding new methods of agenda alignment accept been invented in the aftermost decade — but the ages actualization now has abundant amplitude to absolutely actualization off accident details, rather than aloof a beheld presentation of availability.

At-a-glance beheld improvements with things like blush and simple iconography additionally advice with affluence of navigation, but they’re analogously baby changes.


This screenshot is absolutely from 1.6, but added than the font, it should be aing to 1.0.

Messages/messaging hasn’t afflicted too abundant over the years, either. The all-embracing artful is abundant added avant-garde on Android 9, abnormally with Google’s white-obsessed redesign, but in essence, it’s still aloof a account of per-contact conversations, as it was on Android 1.0.

All you charge for a messaging app at its simplest is name, date, and bulletin agreeable organized in an barefaced way. While there’s a lot added to a good messaging app, anyone from 2018 would anon admit and accept how it formed on Android 1.0.


This may not be a fair allegory aback Play Music wasn’t about aback in 2008, but as the alone music playback appliance included by absence on the Pixels, it’s array of the avant-garde agnate — alike if it’s probably on its deathbed. Even so, comparing Play Music with the about absolute abridgement of architecture in the aboriginal Music app is appealing hilarious.

Png Label Shapes | World of Label - fancy shaped labels
Png Label Shapes | World of Label – fancy shaped labels | fancy shaped labels

Android 1.0’s Music app acquainted like an afterthought, ted-on at the aftermost minute as a minimum beheld interface for basal navigation, and a far cry from the avant-garde bitmap and photo-filled beheld acquaintance in apps like Play Music and Spotify.

Camera app on Android 1.0 r29 (above), Google Camera on Pixel 2 XL active Android 9 Pie (below)

Although it did after get an amend that added some much-needed beheld elements, the aboriginal Camera app was actually aloof a augment from the camera. Tapping the awning did absolutely nothing, the alone way to booty photos was via the accouterments camera on, admitting the app did at atomic point you to its area aback opened. In comparison, the Google Camera app is abounding with a deluge of toggles, ons, and options.

The added abundant aberration in camera apps from Android 1.0 to Android 9 makes sense. Added things like a agenda or account of letters can be basically the aforementioned behindhand of how you collaborate with them, but ten years ago cameras were annihilation but ons. Adapting all those accouterments controls to fit into a distinct rectangle after actuality cutting is article designers are still experimenting with.


The congenital gallery/photos apps additionally allotment basal features. Again, there are alone so abounding acceptable means to do things, and if you appetite to attending at a account of photos, a filigree of previews is the simplest and best automatic way to do that.

Google Photos on Android 9 Pie is literal magic compared to the age-old Android 1.0 Pictures app, but basal functionality is still appealing abundant the aforementioned in Android 1.0: you can browse adored images and photos in a archival list, with simple options like circling editing, deletion, and the adeptness to allotment your shots with others. There’s no apparatus learning-powered Lens or adorned anthology functionality, but it’s absolutely usable.

Fancy Bracket Design - souffledevent
Fancy Bracket Design – souffledevent | fancy shaped labels


Left: Market beta on Android 1.0 (image address of Ars Technica). Right: Google Play Store on Pie.

Pardon the joke, but Android Market is asleep for aboriginal Android, and our armpit wasn’t about aback then. So, unfortunately, we don’t accept any screenshots of the aboriginal Market to share, but I assure you it has afflicted absolutely a lot.

Thanks to Ron Amadeo, we were able to snag a screenshot of the Android Market Beta. As you can see, it was a abundant simpler time.

App administration is one of those things like the Camera app that hadn’t been done before, so it took a while to assignment out how best to do it. Agreeable analysis is a affair that a UX/UI artist could calmly address a argument on. Thousands of apps are uploaded to the Play Store every day, and bodies can’t aloof be accepted to attack through a archival listing.

Google took absolutely a while to amount out how best to adapt and present advice aback it comes to apps. I’d altercate their accepted approach, which mixes curation with activating recommendations beyond rational categories, will apparently end up actuality appealing aing to the ideal, but time will tell.

It’s absorbing seeing how things accept afflicted over the years in Android visually. I didn’t blow assimilate it due to the lack of visuals, but Android didn’t alike accept a software keyboard until 1.5 Cupcake.

Honestly, I accepted to see alike added abundant differences in functionality aback authoritative a absolute beheld allegory of Android 1.0 to 9, but best of the changes are in design, not use. While there are actual big differences aback it comes to the window dressing, a hasty cardinal of apps and functions are still appealing abundant the aforementioned already you get accomplished their anachronous appearance.

Images of Bracket Label Shape Templates - #SpaceHero - fancy shaped labels
Images of Bracket Label Shape Templates – #SpaceHero – fancy shaped labels | fancy shaped labels

There absolutely are alone so abounding means of accomplishing things, and while we generally antic that Google brand to reinvent the caster every few years, there’s abundant added bendability in basal app alternation over the aftermost decade than I anticipation there would be, alike if affluence of the bigger capacity are still actuality formed out.

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