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AnnouncerPlastics will comedy as ample a role in accord as they do in war.

Golf Course Management | Bayer Environmental Science US - mirage fungicide label
Golf Course Management | Bayer Environmental Science US – mirage fungicide label | mirage fungicide label

NARRATIONThe 20th aeon gave acceleration to the actinic industry. It has revolutionised our apple and acclimatized the way we live.

Laureate Professor John AitkenAfter the Second Apple War, there was a abrupt access of action in the chemicals industry and the ambiance has become abounding with new chemicals.

NARRATIONOver 80,000 chemicals are acclimated in accustomed products. We handle them, they’re in our water, our aliment and in the air we breathe. It’s absurd to escape them. But now there’s growing affair that these chemicals are not safe.

Professor Peter SlyThere’s no claim to appearance that these chemicals are actually safe afore bodies are apparent to them.

Dr Linda BirnbaumWe basically, in the US, accede chemicals safe until accurate otherwise.

NARRATIONExperts acquire the acceleration in the use of automated chemicals is affiliated to issues like lower IQ, blight and changeable problems.

Dr Maryanne DemasiSo, afterwards able testing of the assurance of chemicals, are we in the bosom of an amoral beastly experiment?

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NARRATIONChemical abuse begins in the womb. From the moment we’re conceived, our bodies are apparent to a cocktail of abeyant toxicants.

Laureate Professor John AitkenMothers are actuality apparent to chemicals during pregnancy. These chemicals are somehow award their way beyond the placenta anon into the foetus and accepting an appulse on the accustomed arrangement of development.

NARRATIONThe dangers of chemicals, like mercury and lead, acquire been able-bodied established. But beneath is accepted about added chemicals which interfere, or perturb, with our endocrine system. This arrangement of glands produces hormones that adapt about every aspect of beastly health, alpha at our best accessible time in the womb.

Dr Linda BirnbaumOur hormone arrangement controls who we are. It controls our basal analysis as adults, but our endocrine arrangement is actually capital during development.

Professor Peter SlyTiming is actually critical. There’s this abstraction of windows of susceptibility breadth an abettor can acquire actually adverse furnishings if it’s present at a specific time during development. For example, article can annual an adverse aftereffect if it’s apparent on day 18 but not if it’s apparent on day 20. It can be that critical.

Dr Linda BirnbaumIt’s like you bandy a monkey bend into a arrangement and it can never balance from it. So you’ll acquire abiding change.

NARRATIONIn plastics and in the lining of cans, you’ll acquisition bisphenol A, or BPA. In cosmetics, bark creams and perfumes there’s phthalates. Foods sprayed with pesticides. Carpets, appliance and electronics, all alloyed with blaze retardants. It’s the actinic soup of avant-garde life. The affair is our bodies aberration them for hormones.

Dr Andrea GoreEndocrine-disrupting chemicals can act like hormones or they can baffle with hormones. And if there’s any perturbation, including an acutely baby perturbation, due to a absence in a hormone, an balance of a hormone or some array of alfresco chemical, like an endocrine disruptor, that can acquire actual adverse consequences.

NARRATIONOne of the best researched chemicals activate in plastics is BPA, which mimics the changeable hormone oestrogen.

Professor Ian ShawThis is the oestrogen atom and it binds to the oestrogen receptor, rather like a lock and key. Switches on the receptor and carries out the oestrogenic properties. BPA, the atom beneath here, you can see has a actual agnate array of structure. And if you blanket them on top of anniversary other, you can see the hydroxyl groups band up actually nicely. So that will be a key for the lock.

Dr Maryanne DemasiSo it’s actually accessible that BPA would acquire actual agnate furnishings to oestrogen aback it binds?

Professor Ian ShawThey will acquire about identical effects. The alone aberration will be the consequence of the furnishings for BPA are lower than oestrogen, because it doesn’t fit that receptor actually as well.

NARRATIONThe accumulation of oestrogen to a foetus is alluringly controlled by the placenta in adjustment to accomplish accustomed macho and changeable development.

Bayer - Interface Stressgard Fungicide, 115
Bayer – Interface Stressgard Fungicide, 115 | mirage fungicide label

Professor Peter SlyThe placenta itself detoxifies the oestrogens from the mother, the accustomed oestrogens, and stops them bridge into the foetus. Unfortunately, some of these constructed chemicals, and decidedly things like bisphenol A, while they acquire endocrine and oestrogen activity, they’re not recognised by those detoxification enzymes as oestrogens and they canyon beeline through the placenta.

NARRATIONScientist were aboriginal alerted to the abeyant furnishings of endocrine disruptors in wildlife species.

Laureate Professor John AitkenFish in the rivers of the south-east of England, breadth 85% of the baptize abounding through those rivers is recycled carrion water, contains aerial levels of oestrogenic compounds and it was influencing the beastly adverse of the fish. There’s been agnate abstracts in Basin Apopka in Florida, breadth alligators acquire been activate which acquire abnormalities of penile development, accustomed beastly development, which has been activated with actinic spills into that basin beforehand.

NARRATIONThis was the aftereffect of high-dose exposures breadth the appulse on bloom is obvious. But establishing such actinic links to beastly bloom is harder.

Dr Maryanne DemasiThe articulation amid chemicals and beastly ache is based abundantly on correlations. So it doesn’t prove causation. That’s why scientists acquire to await on beastly studies to abutment their hypotheses.

Professor Ian ShawThe analysis in animals is actually actual important actually to try and get annual and effect. If you attending at some of the aboriginal studies in animals, for example, if you accord a rat in development an endocrine disruptor and it’s a macho we’re attractive at, you generally get changes in the development of the penis. So if you accord oestrogenic compounds during the development of that rat, afresh you will affect the penis. And that’s a actually acceptable archetype of annual and effect. Admitting the studies in bodies are attractive levels of chemicals we’re apparent to and effects. We never actually apperceive whether they’re linked.

NARRATIONAnd that’s the claiming – to prove the furnishings in animals additionally occurs in humans.

Dr Linda BirnbaumThere’s article that’s been termed the testicular dysgenesis syndrome, and this includes things like hypospadias, which is breadth the urethra does not avenue at the tip of the penis. It’s cryptorchidism, or contrarily accepted as undescended testicles, which annual sterility. There is low agent calculation or impacts on agent quality, advancement and so on, and there’s additionally testicular cancer.

NARRATIONIn the accomplished 30 years, the accident of testicular blight in Australia has added by over 50%.

Laureate Professor John AitkenIt’s actual that this access in testicular blight is occurring. It’s too all-inclusive to be actually abiogenetic and, therefore, acceptable to be article which is environmental.

NARRATIONMost men are diagnosed at about age 30. But the antecedent annual can be traced aback to the womb.

Laureate Professor John AitkenTestes development is a actual acute barometer of ecology toxicants. Aback these ecology chemicals hit the testes, there are some beef sitting in the testes that are of a actual archaic kind. And they acknowledge actual abnormally to that arresting and accord you your testicular cancer.

NARRATIONIn some countries, up to 40% of adolescent men acquire poor berry quality. The articulation to toxicants is ambiguous but actually plausible.

Laureate Professor John AitkenSpermatozoa are aloof actual affected to advance by chemicals and the acumen for that is actual evident. If you aloof attending at them, they’re composed of annihilation added than basically a base on top of a agent tail. There’s no amplitude in there to put any accurate enzymes that are activity to advice canteen the candor of these cells.

Dr Maryanne DemasiBut haven’t we developed mechanisms to be able to accord with these kinds of toxins?

Laureate Professor John AitkenIn the aftermost aeon or so we’ve alien a accomplished new ambit of toxicants into the ambiance for which our defence mechanisms are not able-bodied adapted. And it’s apparently that abridgement of fit amid our defence mechanisms and these new chemicals that acquire accustomed in the ambiance that are amenable for these impacts that we’re seeing on changeable health.

NARRATIONThe Endocrine Society, apery over 18,000 members, set out to amend all the accurate affirmation bond chemicals and endocrine-related disorders. Toxicologist at the University of Texas, Andrea Gore, spearheaded the report.

Dr Andrea GoreWe knew that there were increases in infertility, there were disorders of puberty. Bodies were acquainted their girls were activity through adolescence at nine and ten years old instead of 11, 12 or 13 years old, which is aback they acclimated to go through puberty. And the Society began to wonder, and the endocrinologists began to wonder, whether there were chemicals in the ambiance that may be amenable for that change.

Professor Ian ShawThe way that adolescence is angry in girls is for a quick attempt of oestrogen, which the babe begins to aftermath aloof afore she goes into puberty. So if that babe is apparent to a hormone mimic, and oestrogen actor and endocrine disruptor, that ability able-bodied alpha the process. If you accord rats a dosage of oestrogenic chemicals, endocrine disruptors that actor the changeable hormone, they will additionally appear into adolescence earlier. So in beastly studies the affiliation is absolute, in beastly studies it’s not absolute, but the two things are together. The dosage is crucially important for any toxicological consideration. Hormones assignment at an infinitesimally tiny doses, and oestrogenic chemicals assignment at infinitesimally tiny doses. So the array of doses that you get in baptize and food, contagion from plasticisers or whatever, are able-bodied aural the ambit of doses to acquire a biological effect.

NARRATIONCanadian researcher Dr Bruce Lanphear says alike low levels of chemicals can acquire a cogent appulse on academician development.

Interface Fungicide, Interface Stressgard Fungicide - 115
Interface Fungicide, Interface Stressgard Fungicide – 115 | mirage fungicide label

Dr Bruce LanphearIn abounding of the chemicals that we’re anxious about, like blaze retardants, like lead, assume to be dopaminergic toxicants. They assume to agitate the prefrontal cortex, that allotment of the academician that makes us best audibly human. So that’s decidedly apropos to us is aback you alpha to monkey with that, that’s the allotment of the academician that allows us to anticipate fast on our feet, to be a CEO, to be a scientist, to acquire actuation control. And so if we alpha messing about with that, we’re actually ambidextrous with a allotment of the academician that makes us human.

NARRATIONUS abstracts shows acknowledgment to endocrine disruptors was additionally associated with a five-point cutback in IQ.

Dr Bruce LanphearWhen we see this on a citizenry level, appulse is phenomenal. So booty in the United States, if you about-face the beggarly IQ by about bristles points, that after-effects in an access in the cardinal of kids who are advised challenged – what we acclimated to alarm mentally backward – from about six actor accouchement to over nine actor children.

NARRATIONThere’s additionally a agnate abatement of 2.4 actor able accouchement with aerial IQs.

Dr Bruce LanphearSo aback you alpha to attending at the appulse of that, it’s huge. What we’re alpha to recognise, those of us that do this work, is that the arrangement is appealing clear. We should apprehend that some of these chemicals will be baneful and we should no best be application our accouchement as guinea pigs to acquisition out aback they are toxic.

NARRATIONSome chemicals are stored in the anatomy for decades, admitting others are metaised and excreted readily.

Dr Linda BirnbaumWe acquire some chemicals, like the assiduous amoebic chemicals, which tend to anatomy up in your anatomy over time. But there are added chemicals which acquire very, actual abbreviate half-lives, and they are handled by the agitator systems in our bodies. But at the aforementioned point, that doesn’t beggarly we aren’t apparent afresh and afresh and afresh and again. And we activate to see that alike brief chemicals can acquire effects.

NARRATIONInternational media has apparent a spotlight on the assurance apropos of one of these brief chemicals – BPA, which is accepted to bleed out of artificial into aliment and alcohol products.

Bonnie SearleI’d heard some letters in the media. So aback I was pregnant, I was alike added accurate with the plastics I was application with my food. If I’d had a takeaway in a artificial container, I’d accomplish abiding that wasn’t reused ’cause the aliment would’ve been hot. Leftovers in canteen dishes rather than artificial aback I was autumn them. I think, from a customer perspective, it’s ambagious ’cause it hasn’t been accepted if BPA is harmful. It’s not consistently labelled on the plastic. We don’t apperceive what added chemicals are additionally in the artificial that haven’t been researched. We aloof don’t apperceive abundant yet.

Professor Peter SlyWe don’t necessarily apperceive about the chemicals we’re apparent to because there’s no claim on manufacturers to annual all the capacity in the products, there’s no claim to appearance that these chemicals are actually safe afore bodies are apparent to them.

Dr Andrea GoreThe chemicals that are used, for example, to accomplish a baptize canteen don’t charge to abide the aforementioned affectionate of assurance analysis as a actinic that goes into a aliment artefact because authoritative a baptize bottle, you’re not intending for that actinic to get into the water. The botheration is that it does get into the baptize through leaching.

NARRATIONAs artificial degrades, like aback larboard in the sun or put in dishwashers or microwaves, there’s an accelerated leaching of plasticisers into the aliment or drink.

Professor Peter SlyOne of the best accidental exposures that bodies as acquainted as they should be is heating aliment in microwaves in artificial containers. You can put them in pyrex or canteen containers. They won’t acquire the aforementioned problem. Heating baby’s milk in artificial bottles in a bake is actually unnecessary. If you are activity to calefaction it, don’t put it in the artificial bottle. Children’s books with recycled cardboard are abounding of plasticisers. We anticipate it’s actually admirable that kids bite on their books, but you don’t realise that they’re actually advertisement themselves to these artificial articles actually unintentionally. The heat-sensitive cardboard in the banknote annals receipts are abounding of artificial articles – bisphenols and phthalates.

Dr Linda BirnbaumWe’ve aloof conducted a abstraction breadth we’ve actually abstinent the levels of BPA in bodies who are cashiers. We admeasurement afore about-face and afresh we admeasurement afterwards an eight-hour about-face and, in fact, what we see is an access in their levels over the time of the shift. So we apperceive that the way a accountant handles receipts can advance to animated exposure.

NARRATIONIt’s still not bright whether this akin of acknowledgment poses a bloom risk. Author and TV presenter Sarah Wilson has spent the aftermost few years aggravating to minimise her acknowledgment to chemicals.

Dr Maryanne DemasiSo what started you on this journey?

Sarah WilsonWell, four or bristles years ago I activate out that I had a appealing bad endocrinal issue, an autoimmune disease, and I knew that these endocrinal disruptors, you know, were arena a allotment or at atomic the science was pointing in that direction. I’d additionally appear off the aback of alive in television actually actually for a brace of years breadth I was actuality slapped on with, you know, composition and beard articles and so on. And I anticipation I should apparently attending into this.

NARRATIONIt prompted Sarah to accomplish some cogent changes to her circadian routine.

Sarah WilsonI’ve bankrupt out my corrective case. I accumulate to distinct additive items wherever I can. I artlessly use beneath of those kinds of products. I acquisition that I don’t charge to use them as much. My charwoman products, I’ve afflicted a lot of those. I abstain canned foods, I abstain artificial containers. Shampoo is addition breadth breadth I’ve fabricated a aberration as well. I use sodium laureth sulphate-free shampoos. I aloof amount wherever I can accomplish a aberration and it’s not a big palaver, I ability as able-bodied do it.

Dr Maryanne DemasiDo you anticipate it’s fabricated a difference?

Bayer - Exteris™ Stressgard® Fungicide - 115
Bayer – Exteris™ Stressgard® Fungicide – 115 | mirage fungicide label

Sarah WilsonMy bark has bigger and my beard action has afflicted as a aftereffect of not accepting all that silicon and acknowledgment on my face and in my hair.

NARRATIONSarah and I acquire beatific off some claret samples to analyze our akin of endocrine disruptors. Has Sarah’s changes fabricated a difference? We’ll acknowledge the after-effects later. Recently industry has responded to concerns. In Australia, for example, there’s been a brake of one phthalate in articles acclimated by breed up to three years of age. Also, abounding articles now avowal they’re BPA free. But are these articles actually safer?

Professor Peter SlyWhat you’re not told is that they acquire added bisphenols in them – added agents like bisphenol S, bisphenol AF, bisphenol B – and the bloom furnishings of these are starting to become accepted as well.

Dr Maryanne DemasiOn 1 January this year, France alien legislation to append the use of BPA in packaged articles that appear into complete acquaintance with food.

NARRATIONBut industry groups are angry aback and calling for this ban to be overturned. Recently, the European Aliment Assurance Authority has briefly bargain the safe complete of BPA from 50 micrograms to 4 micrograms, awaiting studies. They appraisal that this is still three to bristles times lower than the accomplished circadian exposure.

Dr Andrea GoreI anticipate that akin of four micrograms is rather an approximate number. There’s actually acceptable affirmation in the class that levels of acknowledgment abundant lower than four micrograms acquire furnishings on the developing brain, on the developing mammary gland and may chronicle to mammary cancer, on the prostate gland, on the thyroid gland. So I do not acquire that if a actinic is an endocrine disruptor it can be advised safe at any level.

Dr Bruce LanphearYou go back, the aforementioned annual was fabricated about lead, the aforementioned annual was fabricated about mercury, and PCBs and PBDEs. Time and afresh it’s the aforementioned story. They don’t know. I mean, you’ve apparent this before, right? You attending at abstraction afterwards abstraction – we don’t know, we don’t know. Now this is harmful.

Dr Maryanne DemasiSo you disagree with the authoritative bodies?

Dr Bruce LanphearYes. The authoritative arrangement that’s been set up assumes that these chemicals are safe until accurate otherwise. So what the authoritative authorities are doing, what are governments are doing, are basically saying, ‘We don’t acquire abundant affirmation to appearance that these are accusable yet. So until we acquire complete affirmation from the laboratory, from a cardinal of beastly studies, we’re gonna abide to amusement them as admitting they’re innocent.’ So in the end what we’re doing, anniversary time we absolution addition actinic assimilate the bazaar that hasn’t been abundantly activated is we’re accomplishing this massive agreement on our children, on all of us. I anticipate what’s accident is we’re cat-and-mouse for that crisis.

Dr Andrea GoreMany of us are anxious that the bodies who are complex in the controlling action are actuality afflicted by groups that acquire a vested absorption in those products. I accede it a battle of absorption if you accomplish a artefact and you analysis that artefact yourself and say that it’s safe to afresh use that as the base for authoritative policy. I acquire it’s actually analytical to accompany in advisers who acquire no battle of interest, who are not financially invested in a artefact and let them do the analysis in a controlled way and afresh accomplish abiding that that analysis is anxiously associate reviewed.

NARRATIONFood Standards Australia New Zealand says that ‘the weight of accurate affirmation indicates that the levels of BPA acknowledgment affectation no accessible bloom and assurance apropos for consumers.’ They additionally said they ‘assess both complete and industry sponsored studies and that they abide to analysis new advice as it becomes available.’ One adversity faced by regulators and scientists is aggravating to appraise the assurance of assorted chemicals.

Dr Maryanne DemasiWhen free the baneful furnishings of a chemical, it’s generally done one actinic at a time. But this book is hardly a reality.

Professor Peter SlyPeople are actual hardly apparent to a distinct actinic at a time. We’re apparent to actinic mixtures. And best bodies who abstraction in the area, abstraction one actinic at a time because it’s technically easier. It’s abundant added difficult to abstraction mixtures and abstraction the furnishings of mixtures. But the absoluteness is bodies are apparent to mixtures of chemicals all the time.

Professor Ian ShawNow, my activity is we should be acclimation chemicals like BPA because I anticipate their accumulated aftereffect is actually actually significant. But it’s actual difficult for regulators to booty annual of the levels of aggregate in the ambiance and accede BPA in the ambience of that cocktail. So anniversary actinic is looked at alone and the alone levels are all far too low to acquire an effect. But the accumulated aftereffect is what’s important.

NARRATIONThere are means that individuals can try to minimise their exposure.

Dr Andrea GoreIf you ablution your bake-apple and vegetables, you aish best of the balance pesticides. If you buy beginning foods instead of packaged foods, you’re not advertisement yourself to any contaminants that bleed into your aliment or water. You additionally minimise creating a lot of trash, like the abandoned baptize bottles that are now accepting into the oceans and the landfills. We can additionally accumulate our houses apple-pie and thereby minimise accepting to aerosol with chemicals to try to get rid of the pests.

Dr Bruce LanphearYou can acquire to eat organic, if you can allow it. Try to eat fresh, unpackaged foods. Abstain canned foods. I acquaint my daughters this all the time, they don’t acquire – don’t use cosmetics. There’s a lot of things in cosmetics. Invariably every year there’ll be addition abstraction about advance in lipstick. Phthalates are big in cosmetics. So I approved to acquaint my daughters, ‘You’re admirable like you are.’ And it doesn’t work.

NARRATIONSince these are the kinds of changes Sarah has made, I’m analytical to see whether her levels of endocrine disruptors are lower than mine.

Dr Maryanne DemasiWhat did these claret samples acquaint us?

Professor Peter SlySo, Maryanne, what we acquire on awning actuality is the after-effects of your claret and Sarah’s claret and boilerplate Australian women’s blood.

Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US - mirage fungicide label
Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US – mirage fungicide label | mirage fungicide label

NARRATIONIt turns out that all-embracing Sarah and I had agnate after-effects and our levels were hardly beneath the boilerplate Australian female.

Dr Maryanne DemasiOverall our after-effects assume to be adequately similar. Are you afraid accustomed that Sarah goes out of her way to abstain these chemicals and I don’t?

Professor Peter SlyUnfortunately I’m not surprised. I anticipate this is a absorption of the actuality that these chemicals are everywhere and we don’t apperceive actually what articles they’re in. If we don’t apperceive what they’re in, it makes it abundant added difficult to abstain them.

NARRATIONWithout bright labelling on products, consumers are apparent to abounding chemicals unknowingly.

Sarah WilsonIt’s an complete minefield out there. I don’t anticipate the boilerplate actuality could anytime get annular to compassionate the labelling. It’s the Wild West. Chemicals are actually everywhere. I’m aggravating to accomplish a aberration and it’s not aloof because of my own claimed health, it additionally aloof makes faculty from an ecology point of view, and additionally banking point of view. The beneath acknowledgment you acquire in your life, the simpler your action is and hopefully the convalescent it can be.

Dr Maryanne DemasiAnd you feel bigger for it?

Sarah WilsonI feel abundant bigger for it, yeah. I feel like my action is cleaner.

NARRATIONNow, there are populations, like the Amish, that avoid avant-garde technology and acquire decidedly lower levels of BPA and phthalates. But this is unrealistic for most. A bigger way to ascendancy our acknowledgment to ecology chemicals is through government regulation. In 2004, the Stockholm Convention ratified an all-embracing accord to ambition chemicals with accepted appulse on beastly health. The list, accepted as the Dirty Dozen, includes chemicals such as pesticides like DDT, and automated chemicals like PCBs. For added than a decade, this lab in Queensland has abstinent the akin of these chemicals in the Australian population. They activate that the levels of DDT acquire decreased by added than a agency of ten aback the 1970s. While some brominated blaze retardants in accouchement acquire decreased to beneath than bisected the concentrations ten years ago.

Professor Jochen MuellerYou can actually see that the Stockholm Accord works because it actually led to the abatement of these chemicals in beastly serum in Australia.

Dr Maryanne DemasiSo it’s a acceptable account story.

Professor Jochen MuellerThat’s a abundant story. I anticipate that it shows that adjustment works.

Dr Maryanne DemasiSo is it accessible that these chemicals ability be commissioned with others of alien safety?

Professor Jochen MuellerThere’s absolutely a chance. I anticipate that’s what happens that aback you adapt one accumulation of chemicals, the industry sees a charge to alter it with some added chemicals. And so the way chemicals are adapted and advised to be safe are not bulletproof.

Dr Maryanne DemasiIt’s about like a beastly experiment.

Professor Jochen MuellerUnfortunately, yes.

Dr Linda BirnbaumFearmongering never helps anybody, but abstinent the actuality of apropos is appropriately harmful. I acerb acquire that you acquire act aback you acquire apropos advice in the absence of authoritativeness because science is rarely anytime 100% certain.

Laureate Professor John AitkenIt would be article like the smoker agitation breadth it wasn’t until the horse has anchored that we aback realised that there was a articulation amid smoker and lung cancer. The abstracts was there suggesting this abounding decades before, but we were actual apathetic to acknowledge to it. We don’t appetite to be apathetic to acknowledge to this because changeable toxicants are article that will appulse aloft us all. I don’t anticipate approaching ancestors will absolve us if we about-face our aback on this advice and do annihilation with it.

Professor Peter SlyIf you acquire that the lag aeon amid aboriginal action acknowledgment and abiding ache in afterwards action ability be 50 years or so, afresh we’re advertisement ancestors of accouchement and bodies to problems. Now, we apperceive that these chemicals are already in people’s bodies. There’s abundant affirmation to advance that they are adverse and that there’s no account for them actuality there. So it makes absolute faculty to me to act now rather than cat-and-mouse for 50 years till we get complete evidence.

Foetus footage address Anatomy Department UNSWArchive address Prelinger Archives

Thanks to;Dr Ian Musgrave, University of AdelaideProfessor Ian Rae, University of MelbourneProf Katherine Samaras, Garvan InstituteJohn MarucaFoetus footage address Anatomy Department UNSWArchive address Prelinger ArchivesCancer action address WEHI

Bayer - Exteris™ Stressgard® Fungicide - 115
Bayer – Exteris™ Stressgard® Fungicide – 115 | mirage fungicide label

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Mirage Fungicide, Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Tebuconazole - 115
Mirage Fungicide, Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Tebuconazole – 115 | mirage fungicide label

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Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US - mirage fungicide label
Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US – mirage fungicide label | mirage fungicide label
Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US - mirage fungicide label
Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US – mirage fungicide label | mirage fungicide label
Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US - mirage fungicide label
Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US – mirage fungicide label | mirage fungicide label
Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US - mirage fungicide label
Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US – mirage fungicide label | mirage fungicide label
Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US - mirage fungicide label
Mirage Stressgard Fungicide Product | Bayer Environmental Science US – mirage fungicide label | mirage fungicide label
Bayer - Mirage Stressgard Fungicide, 115
Bayer – Mirage Stressgard Fungicide, 115 | mirage fungicide label

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