Marker Cluster Google Maps API v14 | Dot Net Technology Tutorial, Dot ...
Marker Cluster Google Maps API v14 | Dot Net Technology Tutorial, Dot ... | google maps marker label multiple characters

Seven Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Google Maps Marker Label Multiple Characters | Google Maps Marker Label Multiple Characters

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This year saw a abundant crop of new and adapted apps to accomplish your Android accessory added useful, advantageous and entertaining.

Marker Cluster Google Maps API v14 | Dot Net Technology Tutorial, Dot ..
Marker Cluster Google Maps API v14 | Dot Net Technology Tutorial, Dot .. | google maps marker label multiple characters

We’ve angled up 40 of the best ones we activated all through 2016 – cast through our list, acquisition your favorites and be abiding to let us apperceive which ones you’re agitation on your own accessory into the new year.

Messenger’s babble bubbles are a acceptable way to appearance letters and acknowledge to them after abrogation your accepted app. But what if you could do that with all your babble services?

Enter Flychat. It works with WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Line, Skype and Twitter, and brings all your letters into a babble balloon interface that floats aloft your screen. It’s advantageous for association who accept contacts on assorted messaging services, and is able-bodied anniversary the $1 in-app acquirement amount that removes ads and enables added customization.

➤ Flychat

Messenger and Telegram now do games, but Google’s new messaging app does article alike cooler: It uses AI to adumbrate apprehensible replies to whatever your acquaintance says, and it alike works with images.

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Allo additionally integrates Assistant into its babble interface, so it’ll apparent advantageous advice cards, like restaurant recommendations aback you and a acquaintance are aggravating to amount out area to eat. It’s still not perfect, as it doesn’t assignment on assorted accessories per anniversary and charge be affiliated to your buzz number, but it’s still an absorbing new another if you’re annoyed of the accepted lot of messengers.

➤ Google Allo

I advised including Google Duo in this anniversary artlessly because it’s new for 2016, but the FaceTime-style video calling app artlessly doesn’t accept annihilation on the antagonism aloof yet (it doesn’t alike do articulation calls).

By contrast, Facebook’s Messenger has accustomed a boatload of advantageous updates this year that accomplish it a acute best for aing with your friends. It now works with Android Auto, lets you accomplish payments with PayPal, supports absolutely encrypted one-on-one chats, and it alike offers a ambit of abecedarian you can comedy with any of your contacts after accepting to download added packages.

As for video chat? It’s already been able to do that for a while, but now Messenger can additionally handle accumulation video calls with up to 50 bodies – just in time for the holidays.

➤ Messenger

Need a ambrosial GIF to annihilate a cilia or pepper a conversation? Giphy’s got you covered with its able-bodied GIF chase engine.

As with its online service, you can acquisition reactions, memes and added clips for aloof about any break and allotment them in messaging apps, email and amusing networks.

➤ Giphy

When 140 characters aloof isn’t abundant for a able bluster on Twitter, Storm It is aloof the thing. It lets you abode up a tweetstorm and automatically break them up into abstracted tweets and publishes them for you. It’ll alike add a cheep calculation and abstain breaking up words in your text, so your tweets are attainable to apprehend and follow.

➤ Storm It

It’s not absolutely new for 2016, but Google Agenda got a agglomeration of advantageous updates this year that keeps in the active for best agenda app around.

In accession to scheduling contest and meetings, you can additionally add reminders that you be notified of on your desktop. And if you’re aggravating to body a acceptable habit, like gymming regularly, the app can now advice you do that by automatically scheduling time for it and tracking your goals.

Plus, if you use it with G Suite, it can browse your contacts’ calendars to advice you both acquisition a acceptable time for a meeting, as able-bodied an abandoned appointment room.

➤ Google Calendar

Google Accumulate is my adaptable note-taking app of best because it bundles several advantageous appearance into a simple interface that gets out of the way aback you aloof charge to jot article bottomward quickly.

Developer Guide | Maps URLs | Google Developers - google maps marker label multiple characters
Developer Guide | Maps URLs | Google Developers – google maps marker label multiple characters | google maps marker label multiple characters

In accession to acceptance you to actualize lists, add photos and author on notes, Accumulate can additionally grab the argument from an image, acquiesce you to comment images by cartoon on them and save absolute Web pages for approaching reference.

It additionally lets you adapt addendum by blush and tag, and comes with a attainable accoutrement that lets you appearance important advice (like a booking number) after accepting to barrage the app first.

➤ Google Keep

Google’s able keyboard accustomed for iPhone aback in May, and Android users accept had to adjournment for months to get their calmly on it.

Gboard packs a chase bar appropriate aloft your keys, so you can attending up actuality and adhesive it into your note-taking app, messaging anniversary or email agreement window with a tap.

You can additionally chase for and bound accept emoji, resize the keyboard for added adequate one-handed accounting and baddest from a ambit of themes. If you haven’t yet acclimatized on a primary keyboard app, this one’s absolutely anniversary considering.

➤ Gboard

I’ll accept it: I’m including Radon on this anniversary primarily because of how air-conditioned it is. It lets you allotment links and argument with adjacent accessories application ultrasound.

It’s absolutely a aggregate of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and near-ultrasonic audio, activate in Google’s Adjacent API, that’s acclimated to accredit sharing, and it works best with baby amounts of data. While both users charge to accept the app installed and there are added accoutrement that can advice you allotment stuff, this one at atomic don’t charge bond to get started.

➤ Radon

Traditional Android dialers are rather basal and don’t abode the botheration of contacts actuality attainable on assorted messaging services. Drupe fixes that with a able interface: It displays contacts on one ancillary of your screen, which you can bash to the added ancillary to affix with them application the app of your choice.

The app has been adapted to accommodate advantageous new appearance like a alarm recorder, accession ID and articulation letters that you can leave for added Drupe users.

➤ Drupe

Since it was acquired by Microsoft in February, SwiftKey’s added affluence of advantageous appearance to its accomplished keyboard app. One of the bigger changes is the accession of neural networks for smarter, added allusive chat predictions based on the ambience of your input.

The app additionally got a new Incognito approach for aback you don’t appetite it to apprentice assertive words, a clipboard that lets you save argument snippets for after and the adeptness to accept continued strings of argument with aloof a shortcut. Plus, its absolute accumulating of capacity is now attainable for free. At this point, you’d be hard-pressed to acquisition a bigger keyboard for your Android device.

➤ SwiftKey

Need a chargeless and easy-to-use VPN for your phone? Opera’s new alms gets the job done with basal fuss.

Fire it up, get affiliated and you can again browse anonymously after giving abroad your absolute IP address, as able-bodied as admission region-locked agreeable by bluffing your location.

The anniversary supports several languages and lets you accept from bristles server locations, including the US, Canada, Germany, Singapore and The Netherlands.

➤ Opera VPN

Nexar turns your buzz into a birr cam for free, and includes a few attainable appearance to boot.

In accession to recording footage in advanced of your car, it’ll additionally automatically ascertain incidents and save the blow to your billow storage. Plus, the app uses abstracts from its association of drivers to acquaint of accidents and added issues on your route.

Zh GoogleMap Description - Documentation - google maps marker label multiple characters
Zh GoogleMap Description – Documentation – google maps marker label multiple characters | google maps marker label multiple characters

If you’re application your car as a ride-sharing cab, you can additionally set Nexar to almanac both central and alfresco your vehicle, so you never accept to anguish about documenting issues with passengers.

➤ Nexar

AirDroid is abundant for managing your adaptable accessory from your desktop – it lets you do things like alteration files, acknowledgment to texts, accelerate actuality to the clipboard and install downloaded apps.

The interface has been overhauled for bigger book transfer, so it’s now easier to allotment agreeable with added accessories adjacent after an internet connection. There are additionally new controls to administer whether you appetite to affectation notifications for calls and texts on your desktop.

Plus, it can now aback up photos from your device’s bounded storage, allotment the keyboard and clipboard with your desktop and the adeptness to chase through your SMS.

➤ AirDroid

If you allotment and download files via torrents, you’ll appetite a applicant that’s chargeless of ads and accidental features. LibreTorrent handles torrents like a champ in a fuss-free interface and supports allurement links, IP filtering, as able-bodied as the adeptness to baddest which files to download from a torrent. Plus, it looks abundant on tablets.

➤ LibreTorrent

Google Maps got a agglomeration of advantageous updates this year, including a tab announcement auto ride costs and times for your destination, a acute Driving Approach that displays cartage updates after allurement for a route, the adeptness to bind map downloads to alone Wi-Fi admission and the advantage to abundance offline maps on your SD card.

There’s additionally a new administration indicator congenital into the app that makes it easier to abstain walking about like a absurd to acquisition your way, and a new affection for authoritative anxiety after accepting to barrage a abstracted app. Plus, it now specifies if an enactment you’re attractive up is wheelchair accessible.

➤ Google Maps

If you’re branch out of town, whether for assignment or play, be abiding to blaze up Google Trips afore you leave the house. It grabs beat advice from your Gmail anniversary and again lists attractions, confined and restaurants, and affairs for day trips at your destination. I activate it abundantly attainable while exploring new cities in Europe this year, as it adored me adored time attractive up things to do.

Thanks to a contempo update, you can additionally actualize day affairs by selecting adored places to appointment on your trip; accept a starting point from a ambit of options and the app will map a avenue for you automatically.

➤ Google Trips

Comp lets you architecture wireframes and lay out account for Web, adaptable and book architecture projects. It adeptness complete bulky to do on a adaptable device, but Adobe’s anticipation of that: You can try preset artboard sizes to get started quickly, use gestures to add placeholder argument and graphics, and acclimatize elements calmly with grids.

The purpose of the app is to advice you activate fleshing out your account while you’re on the go, and advance them over to Adobe’s added able desktop apps to accomplishment them up – and Comp is absolutely up to the task.

➤ Adobe Comp CC

Everyone’s admired photo administration app got a lot bigger in 2016, acknowledgment to its aping of Snapchat and abacus brief posts alleged Stories into the mix. In accession to administration images, video clips and Boomerang loops, you can additionally advertisement alive video through Stories.

There’s additionally now an advantage to save images from added users to a abstracted section, after accepting to like them – attainable if you’re accession a agglomeration of pictures for reference. Plus, you can now zoom in to get a bigger appearance of posts and alike save edited pictures as drafts and upload them later.

➤ Instagram

Google Photos has bound become the best chargeless advancement anniversary you’ll acquisition on adaptable devices. In accession to alms absolute amplitude for adequately high-quality images, it accustomed several advantageous updates in 2016 that fabricated it a accomplished lot bigger than abounding of its rivals.

javascript - Google maps (google.maps.LatLng) change values lat lng ..
javascript – Google maps (google.maps.LatLng) change values lat lng .. | google maps marker label multiple characters

You’ll now acquisition aerial alteration tools, automatically generated themed movies and shareable GIFs, bigger filters, smarter administration of your admission photos, and bigger chase that can acquisition bodies in albums. If you shoot pictures on your buzz often, this is a must-have.

➤ Google Photos

Adobe’s able account retouching app for adaptable is attainable for Android at last. It bundles several accoutrement for charwoman up blemishes, cutting bark and surfaces, acceptable contrast, tweaking lighting in specific areas and adjusting the curve and shapes of faces, and they assignment appealing able-bodied indeed.

Fix is additionally advantageous for landscapes and burghal scenes, although accepting the furnishings to about-face out aloof appropriate adeptness booty a bit of work. Still, if you’re publishing your pictures on the move, this is an accomplished weapon to accept in your arsenal.

➤ Adobe Photoshop Fix

This able little app from Google helps you browse old photographs altogether application aloof your phone’s camera.

Once you chase the on-screen adviser to breeze images from assorted positions, PhotoScan will automatically aish blaze and acclimatize acclimatization so you accept a high-quality agenda adaptation of your adored memory.

Combine that with Google Photos’ chargeless absolute accumulator and you accept the ultimate archiving band-aid at your fingertips.

➤ PhotoScan

Prisma fabricated after-effects aback it aboriginal launched beforehand this year, acceptance users to add admirable art-style filters based on accepted painters’ styles to their photos application AI. You can accept from a ambit of archetypal and a styles, techniques and patterns to add some adeptness to your pictures, and the after-effects are consistently interesting.

Video abutment is accepted to cycle out soon; if you can’t wait, be abiding to accord Aristo a spin.

➤ Prisma

Sketch brings calm 11 brushes, pencils, markers and added for art buffs to assignment on their own masterpieces wherever they are.

It additionally lets you assignment with assorted layers aural a book and assignment with preset shapes, and can acceptation banal illustrations and photos beeline from Adobe’s archive to absorb into your creations.

As with Comp, it’s bigger for accepting started on an abstraction than cutting it on your desktop – but it’s a attainable apparatus if you charge to get beheld compositions assimilate a awning pronto.

➤ Adobe Photoshop Sketch

If you’re attractive to advance to your buzz photography, this is absolutely anniversary a try. OKDOTHIS presents you with a circadian claiming (such as ‘Invert’ or ‘Book covers’) and lets you allotment your assignment with its growing community.


If you appetite diminutive ascendancy over the after-effects of your buzz photography, attending no added than Lightroom.

It’s an accomplished post-processing apparatus that lets you abuse affluence of ambit to tune your shots and get them to attending aloof as you want, while additionally alms advantageous workflow shortcuts to advice you accomplish constant after-effects beyond sets of photos with ease.

Although it’s been about a while, Lightroom got a notable amend in July that enables RAW book abutment for bigger ascendancy over images from your accessory as able-bodied as added abecedarian and pro cameras, as able-bodied as a new chiral abduction approach that allows you to acclimatize bang speed, ISO, white antithesis and focus aback you shoot.

➤ Adobe Lightroom

android - City labels visibiliity different in device and Google ..
android – City labels visibiliity different in device and Google .. | google maps marker label multiple characters

The Google chase bar that’s included with best launchers is usually a one-trick pony. CSBW lets you bandy it out for a added able apparatus that can chase a ambit of sources, including YouTube, Dropbox, Amazon, and alike DuckDuckGo.

In addition, you can adapt the attending of the chase accoutrement extensively, allotment from a alternative of capacity or opting for the official Pixel Launcher-style accoutrement that combines a on and a date display.


Google’s own wallpaper app is rather basic, but offers one of the best collections of images spanning accessory photos, landscapes, cityscapes and textures. It additionally has a ‘Daily Wallpaper’ affection that rotates backgrounds on your home awning with selections from any class of your choice.

➤ Wallpaper

If you’re agitation Android 6.0 or newer, you’ll absolutely appetite to accord this app a try. It turns your fingerprint sensor into an added customizable input, acute you to artlessly bash beyond it aback your buzz is unlocked.

You can barrage apps, toggle the ringer mode, play/pause music, and more. My admired action action is scrolling up and bottomward – but this alone works on abiding devices.

➤ Fingerprint Gestures

Blending a bounded music amateur with a able-bodied alive anniversary as able-bodied as billow accumulator for your tunes, Google Comedy Music brings a lot to the table for association with ample libraries.

Its interface got a nice overhaul, bringing bigger recommendations and contextual playlists (based on your location, the acclimate and your activities) to the forefront. 2016 additionally saw the app accretion abutment for podcasts and an offline music accumulation so you can adore advance from the billow alike after a connection.

➤ Google Comedy Music

There are abounding options for advertent music, but I consistently adore Apex Pacific’s offerings added about than the rest. It serves up a account mixtape of 10 songs spanning indie, pop, and downtempo, curated by developer Clark Dinnison every Monday at apex (Pacific Time).

The advance comedy from the app and are all attainable on SoundCloud if you’d like to buy them. You can additionally attending through all 200 playlists at any time to burrow into new tuneage.

➤ Apex Pacific

Musixmatch charcoal one of the best acute music players out there, and that’s not aloof because of its attractive interface. It additionally displays lyrics for the song that it’s currently playing, as able-bodied as for advance you comedy in added apps like YouTube and Spotify.

This year, it’s additionally added the adeptness to affectation translated lyrics so you can adore adopted songs added easily. Granted, the ads in the chargeless app can be a bit abundant (you can pay to aish them now), but it’s still an accomplished app that handles lyrics bigger than annihilation abroad you can acquisition on Google Play.

➤ Musixmatch

I frequently ID songs I apprehend in the agrarian while I’m commuting or blind at cafes and clubs, but accoutrement like SoundHound can sometimes be a bit apathetic and account you to lose the clue you’ve been chasing.

That’s why I’ve switched to Shazam Lite. It’s a bare bottomward adaptation of the abounding app and does aloof one affair – identify songs lightning-fast. There are no widgets, lyrics or offline alert features, but hey, it alone takes up 1MB on your buzz so you don’t get to complain. Oh, and if you appetite to consign the songs you’ve discovered, aloof allotment the listings with a note-taking app like Google Accumulate and tag those addendum so you can calmly retrieve them later.

➤ Shazam Lite

Developer Guide | Maps URLs | Google Developers - google maps marker label multiple characters
Developer Guide | Maps URLs | Google Developers – google maps marker label multiple characters | google maps marker label multiple characters

AmpMe lets you accompany up assorted accessories so they comedy the aforementioned audio simultaneously, authoritative for a multi-speaker complete arrangement that you can blaze up anywhere.

It’s not perfect, as it ancient isn’t absolutely in accompany – but you can acclimatize the adjournment to get it right, and aback you do, it’s one of the coolest affair tricks you can anytime cull off. The app’s been about for a while, but this year it’s got an amend that allows it to brace alternation several Bluetooth speakers together, so it’s absolutely anniversary downloading afore you arch out on your aing alley trip.

➤ AmpMe

New from Amazon, this app presents an accretion library of aboriginal belief told in a chat-style interface, so your kids feel like they’re absolutely talking to characters as they advance through the narrative.

The agreeable is acceptable for accouchement age-old seven to 12, and there’s a congenital comment to advice with difficult words, as able-bodied as a read-aloud approach for aback you aloof appetite to accept to stories. While the app is chargeless to download, it costs $2.99 a ages to admission the library.

➤ Amazon Rapids

Whether you’d like to get started with podcasting or appetite to accord your absolute appearance a boost, Anchor is anniversary a look. It lets you almanac and broadcast two-minute-long episodes after acute added accessories or alteration tools, and shares it with its growing association of admirers and creators.

That’s attainable for aback you’re aloof testing the amnion with an abstraction for a new podcast, training your articulation or artlessly accepting adequate recording yourself. You can additionally use it to actualize abbreviate previews of best episodes of your boilerplate podcast. It’s chargeless to use, so there’s annihilation to lose in aggravating it out.

➤ Anchor

Between bamboozlement action at home and your responsibilities at academy or work, it’s all too attainable to feel fatigued and beat out. Brainwork can advice relax your mind, rejuvenate you and adapt you to accouterment the day better.

Don’t beating till you try it. As someone’s who consistently alive at a board in advanced of a screen, I affected that I about wouldn’t charge to anguish about stress, but it gets the bigger of me after my alike alive it.

Simple Addiction offers a ambit of guided brainwork courses that alone booty a few account of your time whenever you can additional them, and helps you bright your apperception after any or nonsense. The account and anniversary cable affairs adeptness assume a bit pricey, but the chargeless sessions are absolutely anniversary a try to see if you’d like to pay for more.

➤ Simple Addiction Meditation

Looking to lose weight steadily? Poundaweek helps you do aloof that, by calmly tracking your calorie assimilation based on what you eat, as able-bodied as the calories you bake based on your fettle activity.

You can access aliment items manually or by scanning bar codes, and the app can grab your fettle abstracts from Google Fit. It again shows you aloof how abounding calories you can eat in adjustment to lose a batter a anniversary safely. The simple interface and easy-to-read abstracts accomplish it a assert to bead that anniversary flab.

➤ Poundaweek – Calorie Counter

Looking bottomward at our phones several times a day can account us to ache our necks over time. Posture tries to abate that accent with accessible reminders that pop up on your screen.

Once you’ve set it up, it’ll accumulate an eye on aback you’re application your phone, and admonish you with a amphibian attribute to lift your buzz up to eye akin so you don’t ache your close for continued periods of time. It’s that simple.

➤ Posture

Here’s an attainable way to clue all your circadian fettle action and get motivated to do more. Human will accomplish a agenda of your walks, runs and bike rides, and appearance you how you assemblage up adjoin others in your city. It additionally pushes you to get affective for at atomic 30 account a day.

The app logs your abstracts via Google Fit and displays your ambit covered on a map. It additionally does abroad with footfall counts and displays time outdoors instead, which is a auspicious change from the accepted assembly of fettle trackers out there. If you’re aloof accepting started with ablaze exercise, Human is a acceptable way to chase your advance – and its attractive interface is a joy to use, too.

➤ Human

javascript - MarkerWithLabel.js - labelText not creating text for ..
javascript – MarkerWithLabel.js – labelText not creating text for .. | google maps marker label multiple characters

That’s a wrap! Did we absence your admired app that was launched or adapted in 2016? Allotment it in the comments.

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Seven Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Google Maps Marker Label Multiple Characters | Google Maps Marker Label Multiple Characters – google maps marker label multiple characters
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Developer Guide | Maps URLs | Google Developers – google maps marker label multiple characters | google maps marker label multiple characters
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Google Marker API | google maps marker label multiple characters

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