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Leo Gutierrez has a advantageous branch cat-and-mouse for him in El Salvador. But he can’t get to it.

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Despite his pleas to be abandoned to his home country, breadth ancestors acquire offered their organs for transplant, the accompaniment of California pays bags of dollars for him to acquire dialysis three times a anniversary at Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital.

Gutierrez is a ually agitated predator, amid about 1,300 men in a adapted chic of offenders who, beneath accompaniment law, are beatific to the Fresno County brainy bloom hospital afterwards confined their bastille sentences. He’s additionally one of at atomic 30 men at the hospital who are undocumented.

“I asked (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) why they don’t aces me up. They said the hospital says I’m still advantageous for a crime. But that’s not true. I accomplished my time in 2001,” Gutierrez, 49, said. “I don’t apperceive why I did what I did then, but I can’t actual it. And all this time, I’ve been in this place.”

Sitting in the visitors allowance in his biscuit uniform, he rubs a bandage-covered array of bloated arteries and veins on his arm from the treatment, and wonders aloud: “How is this abode altered from Guantanamo? We’re actuality forever.”

The undocumented men at Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital are in a different asperity that seems to be nobody’s jurisdiction. They aren’t prisoners, they are “civil detainees.” They entered the country illegally, committed crimes and served their bastille sentences. But a state-mandated brainy appraisal of offenders – a action that went into aftereffect in 1996 – put them in Coalinga instead of aback into society.

The Department of Accompaniment Hospitals says that it does not clue patients’ clearing status, and that abandoned a adjudicator can adjudge if patients are accessible to be released; ICE says the accommodation is up to the state.

While federal clearing authorities affirmation to put undocumented felons like these men at the top of the account for deportation, their asperity poses boxy questions apropos a accumulation for whom advocates are scarce. What if they re-enter the U.S. and reoffend? Is the U.S. at accountability if they reoffend in addition country already deported? Is the aerial banking bulk of befitting them at Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital account the public’s accord of mind?

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“The accompaniment government takes the position that if he’s deported, we cannot ensure that he’s not committing offenses in his home country,” said Rudy Kraft, Gutierrez’s attorney. “In a alive system, we would assignment out a administration affairs with the home country and let them adjudge how to accumulate an eye on him. But there’s no application of that.”

Kraft is austere about the options he sees for bodies like his applicant beneath accepted policies.

“There is no way out added than afterlife for undocumented SVPs,” he said.

Gutierrez said he feels “tired best of the time.” His kidneys are shutting down.

His bloom abandoned should be abundant of a acumen to argue a adjudicator that he is not a blackmail to society, his advocate said, but no luck so far. Earlier this year, he was denied compassionate release, which allows bastille sentences to be recalled if an bedfellow acceptable has abandoned six months to live.

“The law is not set up for these people,” said Kraft, a San Luis Obispo advocate who has been apery offenders for about 20 years. “The arrangement is chic adjoin absolution bodies at all, but for bodies who are undocumented, the abstract admission seems to be that no country supervises offenders bigger than we do, so therefore, we allegation accumulate them here.”

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Gutierrez was bedevilled in 1998 and appear aboriginal from bastille for acceptable behavior, confined three of six bedevilled years. He was beatific to Atascadero Accompaniment Hospital afore affective into Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital’s aegis afterwards it opened in 2005. The hospital is a best aegis ability committed to alleviative the state’s SVPs.

Gutierrez would not allege with The Bee about the capacity of his crimes, which accommodate “lewd and lascivious acts” with a adolescent beneath 14 years old, according to the Megan’s Law website, the accompaniment database that advance offenders.

“I don’t like to allocution about that. I wouldn’t do article like that again. I apprehend my Bible a lot now,” he said. “Sometimes I acquire why cipher wants to advice us, but the law is declared to be there for us. They are blank the law.”

Twenty states acquire agnate civilian allegation programs, including Washington, breadth a ability on an island houses SVPs, abounding of whom acquire been there for added than a decade.

But the amends of the programs acquire been questioned. In 2015, England banned to abandon a California man who had fled there afterwards committing crimes, adage the civilian allegation affairs at Coalinga, breadth he would acquire been sent, abandoned his animal rights.

The state’s bedevilled offenders are referred to the Department of Accompaniment Hospitals aural six months of their acquittal to abide a brainy bloom appraisal to actuate if they are an SVP. The men at Coalinga acquire been diagnosed with a brainy ataxia and are acceptable to reoffend, according to the state.

Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital is home to about 1,300 men in a adapted chic of offenders who, beneath accompaniment law, are beatific to the Fresno County brainy bloom hospital afterwards confined their bastille sentences. About 30 are undocumented men in aegis as “civil detainees” admitting confined time for their crimes and allurement to be deported.

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They aren’t bedevilled to alive in the hospital for a specific bulk of time, acceptation they could alive there indefinitely if a adjudicator never decides that they are rehabilitated. Analysis offered at the hospital is meant to be the key to their release, but experts beyond the country acquire casting agnosticism on its effectiveness, pointing to low rehabilitation and absolution rates. In the history of the hospital, beneath than 200 patients acquire been appear to alive advisedly as registered offenders.

Also controversial, the cost: Taxpayers absorb added than $250 actor a year out of the state’s accepted account to accomplish Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital — about $110 actor added than it costs annually to accomplish Pleasant Valley Accompaniment Prison, which is amid aing door. The accessories allotment a acid wire fence.

In Gutierrez’s case, the bulk is greater. A year of dialysis analysis costs about $89,000 on average, according to the U.S. Renal Data System. It additionally costs to carriage him anniversary time he leaves the hospital for dialysis. He has been ability analysis for branch ache for a year and a half.

“It’s a absolutely difficult situation, and it’s costing the taxpayers hundreds of bags of dollars. But you’re acclimation association assurance adjoin the bulk of ‘treatment,’” said Richard Quintino, a agent accessible apostle in Riverside County, who has represented Gutierrez. “It’s like you’re a bent actor with a activity book afterwards the achievability of parole. You acquire an befalling to address for absolution if you complete treatment, but the botheration is the analysis has been essentially abortive over the aftermost 20 years.”

Quintino – who can alarm someone’s crimes “horrendous” and characterization that blackmailer “a acceptable guy” in the aforementioned animation – has represented added than 60 SVPs in his career but abandoned already has a board bent that one of his audience could be appear from the hospital.

Immigration cachet adds addition band of abashing to an already gray breadth of the law for a accumulation of bodies who abridgement support, he said. In abounding ways, it would be easier to be a captive than a civilian detainee, including in displacement cases, according to Quintino.

“In essence, the case represents a claiming as to whether these laws administer to somebody like Leo,” Quintino said. “Even if his appeal was accepted somehow, there is a abundant accident that if he were angry over to ICE, he would not get the medical affliction that he needs. At the aforementioned time, there’s a abundant accident to his bloom and abundance that he may never get abandoned and could die in custody.”

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Gutierrez is ambiguous that “someone like” him will accomplish it to the top of a displace account in the U.S.

He said that he was told by the hospital’s medical administrator that no displace centers would accomplish on him because he is incarcerated.

“It looks like I’m aloof activity to die here,” Gutierrez said.

When asked about his case, accompaniment hospitals agent Ralph Montano said that if a accommodating needs an bureau transplant, agents will do their “due diligence” to get him on a displace list.

“Transplant centers, however, acquire their own belief for free whether to acquire or adios patients,” Montano said.

Juan Cordero, a accommodating aiming to be abandoned to Mexico, gets balked at the irony, cerebration of the affecting clearing debates he’s watched on TV over the accomplished year from central Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital.

“Take us instead. Leave the innocent families,” Cordero said in the hospital’s visitors’ room, which is about abandoned except for attorneys who are affair with their clients. There are a few automat machines and a baby bookshelf captivation the Bible, the Koran, Scrabble and Battleship.

“You said we should be a priority,” he said, acutely talking to President Donald Trump.

While California law banned the state’s cooperation with ICE, it doesn’t administer aback ambidextrous with bodies bedevilled of austere or agitated felonies, including animal corruption and crimes endangering children.

ICE did not acknowledgment specific questions about undocumented patients at Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital, but a agent said the accommodation apropos their aegis is bent by the accompaniment of California.

Juan Cordero was ordered abandoned in 2001 afterwards confined his bastille book but continues to alive at Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital.

“If ICE has an absorption in an alone afterwards actuality appear from custody, our bureau would analysis the case and accomplish adapted decisions apropos aing steps,” agent Richard Rocha said in an email.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s appointment deferred questions to the Department of Accompaniment Hospitals, which said abandoned the cloister that committed the accommodating to Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital can absolution him from accompaniment custody.

“DSH will amusement a accommodating at Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital until the end of his allowable allegation or an amid cloister adjustment is received,” Montano said in an email. “Patients can be appear from the hospital abandoned by a cloister order.”

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Cordero has had a cloister adjustment for displacement added than already yet continues to alive at Coalinga.

Los Angeles Clearing Cloister Adjudicator Rose Peters ordered Cordero be abandoned aback to Mexico in 2001, according to cloister documents.

After confined two years in bastille for raping a woman in 1988, he alternate to Folsom Accompaniment Bastille for a best assignment afterwards beat the accompaniment afterward a breaking and entering he committed in 1992.

The buyer of the abode said that he had penetrated her by force with his finger, but he denies that allotment of the charge. He said he took a deal, and was bedevilled to eight years in prison.

After confined his time, he was sitting at an clearing apprehension centermost in San Pedro cat-and-mouse to be deported. But that never happened.

“They went and snatched me from Clearing aloof to put me beneath this law. But this law doesn’t administer to actionable immigrants,” said Cordero, now 62. “I appetite to be abandoned but they won’t deport me. Clearing says I acquire to accomplishment my bastille sentence, but I paid for the crimes I did. They aloof appetite to accumulate me bound up actuality for the blow of my life, and they’re accepting abroad with it.”

The Los Angeles County Commune Attorney’s Appointment filed a address in 2001 allurement ICE admiral not to deport Cordero, and instead acquiesce him to be advised for two years at a brainy bloom facility.

Since then, he’s spent 17 years in accompaniment aegis as a civilian detainee, aboriginal at Atascadero Accompaniment Hospital and afresh at Coalinga already it opened.

In the petition, LA County agent commune advocate Sue Lasicka alleged Cordero “a agitated blackmailer who has ahead absconded the state” and said he should abide in accompaniment aegis until his case ends, at which time he would be anon alternate to federal aegis for displacement to Mexico.

“Mr. Cordero has been in the United States aback he was 13 years old. He was abandoned on May 16, 1987, abandoned to acknowledgment afresh and perpetrate rapes in this country,” Lasicka said then. “Treatment would be in the best interests of the citizens of California.”

The LA County DA’s Appointment beneath to comment, adage Cordero’s case is still pending.

Cordero has corresponded several times with federal admiral aback then. On Feb. 24, 2015, the ICE appointment in Fresno beatific an clearing detainer to Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital, requesting that Cordero be appear from aegis aural 48 hours and abandoned to Mexico, according to abstracts acquired by The Bee.

The Department of Homeland Aegis arrested several boxes as to why Cordero is accountable to abatement then: he has a above-mentioned abomination conviction; he has illegally re-entered the country afterwards a antecedent abatement and he “poses a cogent accident to civic security, bound aegis or accessible safety.”

In December 2017, Cordero wrote a letter to the FBI in Los Angeles, allurement why orders for his displacement had been abandoned and analytic “under whose authority” is he actuality kept at Coalinga.

He thinks that he was appear from bastille at aloof the amiss time – afterwards the ually agitated predator law was anesthetized and while Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital was actuality built.

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“They’re authoritative an archetype out of us,” he said. “We’re guinea pigs, and this is aloof a warehouse. I absolutely don’t appetite to die here.”

Dr. Deirdre D’Orazio, a analyst who has formed with Coalinga patients, helped columnist a address by the California Coalition of Animal Behind that break bottomward the history of the SVP law and the arguments for and adjoin it.

Those who argue it say that it’s still cryptic if the analysis programs absolutely work, and that money would be bigger spent adjoin preventing the crimes from accident instead of aggravating to adjustment them afterwards the fact.

“The labeling of a sub-group of offenders as ‘Sexually Agitated Predators’ conveys to the accessible that these individuals are alarming and barbaric ‘monsters’ who can never change,” the address says on account of critics. “It is actual costly, alarming and difficult for these individuals to adjust into the association no amount how abundant analysis they complete.”

But supporters of the law say the accompaniment should do whatever it takes to assure bodies from rapists and adolescent molesters.

“The association cannot acquiesce agitated offenders to airing amid us bloodthirsty on others artlessly because it requires aborigine money…” the address says. “Some may affirmation that the civilian allegation is not fair. It is fair aback because the appulse that behind has aloft an alone and our society, and candor is affirmed by law.“

But for D’Orazio, the band-aid for the undocumented SVPs is abundant added simple.

“If their assurance needs and antidotal needs could be met in their country of origin, they should be deported,” she said. “And it’s beneath bulk to California.”

Dougal Samuels, a accommodating at Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital, seeks to be abandoned to his home country of Jamaica.

D’Orazio said the actuality of undocumented SVPs at Coalinga puts into catechism the basal apriorism of the hospital.

“If we acquire a arrangement to anticipate backsliding in California – from reoffending ually aback they’re appear – and they’re aloof activity to be abandoned aback they’re released, that’s an issue,” she said.

Several clearing and bastille rights advocates did not acknowledgment requests for animadversion for this story. Fresno Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula, a Democrat, and Sen. Anthony Cannella, a Republican, who both represent Coalinga, additionally did not comment.

Sully Bryan, an clearing advocate in Fresno, said in a archetypal case, aback an undocumented actuality commits a austere crime, ICE takes over already the felon has served his time. But these belief aren’t typical, she said, acquainted the calmness of crimes, abnormally adjoin children.

“I anticipate the catechism actuality is, who’s in control? Who’s in charge?” Bryan said. “ICE has the ascendancy to put a authority on them afterwards they’ve served their sentence. They can booty them into custody. It’s aloof whether they appetite to or not.”

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Like Cordero, Dougal Samuels has had a few aing calls with ICE. But never aing abundant to get him aback to Jamaica.

Samuels, 62, was appear from bastille in 1997, afterwards actuality bedevilled nine years in bastille for raping a adolescent beneath 14 years old.

But “nine years angry into 31 years,” he said, pointing to his time in accompaniment brainy bloom hospitals aback then.

Samuels, who entered the U.S. illegally aback he was young, said he was in ICE aegis afterwards prison, and had active affidavit adage he accepted he was about to be deported, but afresh “the accompaniment told them I should be beneath this new law.”

After that, it’s been years of ambagious buzz calls with clearing authorities, attorneys, Jamaican admonition – anybody who can accord him answers about how he can get out.

“Everybody seems to accede with me, but cipher is accomplishing anything. Everybody passes the bucket,” Samuels said. “I’ve approved every way I can to get Clearing to about-face me over. For 20 years, they’ve accustomed me the runaround.”

Samuels said he knows there is no accord for SVPs, but that the law is the law.

“It’s adamantine to alter a aberration like that. But after, you try your best to alive your life. And God forgives,” he said. “Because what we acquire done is wrong, anybody has aloof angry their aback on us.”

Mackenzie Mays is The Bee’s analytic reporter. Previously, she formed at the Charleston Gazette-Mail in West Virginia, her home state. In 2018, she won a McClatchy President’s Award, a George Gruner Award and was a civic finalist for the Education Writers Association Awards.

The advertisement for this adventure happened over the advance of about three months. Admission to sources was restricted: The anchorman had to conduct interviews by buzz during assertive windows of time, and couldn’t calmly ability interviewees, aback patients at Coalinga Accompaniment Hospital generally allotment a acreage band buzz amid four men per unit. They are not accustomed admission to the internet or corpuscle phones. Cloister abstracts and claimed files were beatific to a anchorman from the hospital via accepted mail by patients who capital to allotment their stories. The anchorman afresh beatific copies of the abstracts to verify their angary with the cloister or bureau they were affiliated to.

The Department of Accompaniment Hospitals would not acquiesce the anchorman to account patients central the hospital unless it was in the visitors’ room. The anchorman was not accustomed to accompany a phone, recording accessory or camera – abandoned her ID for a accomplishments analysis and the keys to her car. The hospital provided the anchorman with a pen and cardboard to booty notes.

Many of the cloister cases involving SVPs are sealed, so the anchorman formed with attorneys in several counties beyond the accompaniment to acquaint the belief of patients now residing in Fresno County. Some attorneys chose not to acknowledgment emails or buzz calls apropos their clients.

Many immigrant rights groups, adopted admiral and bastille rights groups did not acknowledgment requests for animadversion on this issue. The Bee accomplished out to the American Civilian Liberties Union, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the Civic Bastille Project, the Civic Lawyers Guild-Central Valley Chapter, the California Immigrant Action Center, Centro Legal de la Raza and more.

The aboriginal catechism airish to ICE admiral about this amount was May 1. An official account was accustomed on Sept. 6.

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