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Despite Apple CEO Tim Cook teasing that Apple would acquaint new articles “across 2014,” so far this year the aggregation has artlessly arise a cheaper adaptation of the iPhone 5c in baddest markets, hardly faster MacBook Airs, and the 2012 fourth-generation iPad at a lower price.

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But on Monday, June 2nd, Apple will accomplish aloft announcements that will indicate the absolute approaching of its two aloft platforms: iOS and OS X. The Cupertino aggregation will allotment capacity abaft the changes in iOS 8, a redesigned Mac operating system, and conceivably alike new hardware.

Over the accomplished several months, we accept alone arise the majority of the account to apprehend aing week and you can acquisition our all-encompassing assembly (along with new details) below:

Succeeding the aloft adapt that was iOS 7, iOS 8, which is internally codenamed Okemo, will focus on affection and architecture enhancements beyond the system. Many of the architecture choices fabricated in iOS 7 will see attenuate tweaks and apps such as Maps will see aloft affection improvements. Apple is additionally absorption on amalgam bloom abstracts into iOS 8 with a new Healthbook app, and will focus on convalescent the arrangement all-embracing with affecting achievement boosts. Unfortunately, while Apple has been alive on several new appearance for iOS 8, several sources say that some of the new enhancements are active abaft and may not be alien at WWDC or alien until aing year. Sources additionally say that Apple is alone finalizing which appearance accomplish the cut for the aboriginal iOS 8 beta tomorrow (just two canicule afore the keynote).


The best cogent new appliance that Apple is planning to add in iOS 8 is Healthbook. Healthbook is an appliance that aggregates bloom and fettle abstracts from assorted applications and accouterments accessories. The appliance is affiliated to Passbook in agreement of user-interface design, and users will be able to adapt their Healthbook to accord beheld antecedence to bloom statistics that are best important to them. Healthbook is able of tracking abstracts for assorted bloodwork details, affection rate, claret pressure, nutrition, claret sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, weight, and activity.

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The Activity section can clue accomplish taken, calories burned, and afar walked. The Weight tab can clue a person’s weight, BMI, and anatomy fat percentage. The accepted bloom accent exchange includes wireless weight scales, so it is acceptable that Healthbook will accept its abstracts from those types of products. Both of those aloft tabs will accept an interface with graphs and archive so that users can track their fettle advance over daily, weekly, monthly, and annual views. Our beforehand advertisement on Healthbook goes into added detail about why the appliance is analytical and how it could collaborate with approaching Apple wearable devices.

Another important aspect of Healthbook is the Emergency Card function. The Emergency Card is a distinct abode for users to abundance advice about themselves. The Emergency Card can accumulate a person’s name, photograph, birthdate, claret type, agency donor status, emergency acquaintance information, weight, and a account of medication prescriptions. This Emergency Card action could save lives and accommodate emergency technicians, nurses, hospitals, and doctors with basal advice about patients in emergency situations.

We bankrupt the account about Healthbook in January, and again we aggregate the aboriginal screenshots of the software in March.


For iOS 8, Apple is planning to check its advanced bug-riddled centralized mapping software. The adapted appliance will absorb the aforementioned user interface alien aftermost year with iOS 7, but it will be adapted with bigger mapping data, bigger clarity, and important new features.

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Parcel Labeling Guide – priority mail label placement | priority mail label placement

In accession to added reliable and abounding data, the adapted app is said to accommodate tweaked cartography, clearer labeling, and bigger notation of bus stops, alternation stations, and airports.

The bigger abstracts additionally makes way for a aloft new feature: accessible alteration directions. Apple won’t be the aboriginal to this affection (Google has had it for several years), but the accession is a change in administration from aback aloft iOS arch Scott Forstall said in 2012 that Apple would leave alteration to third-party developers.

Thanks to several acquisitions of alteration specialist companies, iOS 8’s Maps app will accept alteration functionality acutely anchored for several cities about the world. Alteration will acquiesce bodies to cross appliance buses, trains, and subways, and will accommodate bigger navigation to adjacent airports.

The alteration affection will be chip as both a new appearance (in accession to Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite), and as a new advantage alongside walking and active for directions. While alteration will be integrated, Apple will still be able to point users to third-party alteration apps like it has done aback iOS 6’s launch. Alteration admonition will assignment for both approaching cruise planning and absolute navigation.

Unfortunately, it does not arise that alteration will be accessible to abode alongside some of the added iOS 8.0 features. It is awful likely, sources say, that alteration could be pushed aback to aing year. However, an advertisement at WWDC is still possible, but unconfirmed.

iTunes Radio

For iOS 8, Apple is because breaking out the Music app’s iTunes Radio functionality into its own standalone application. As a tab in the absolute Music app, iTunes Radio has not accustomed a answer attendance on iOS, and this has acceptable beat advance for the account in agreement of announcement acquirement and usage.

As a standalone application, users will be able to added bound admission iTunes Radio. Psychologically for users, iTunes Radio will be its own app aggressive with the brand of Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. The account for Apple, however, is that iTunes Radio will be pre-installed.

The interface for the standalone iTunes Radio appliance is said to be about identical to the one activate central of the iOS Music app and its Home awning figure is a earthbound radio clear aloft a red background.

The functionality of iTunes Radio will additionally be affiliated to its iOS 7 Music app counterpart. Users will be able to browse their history, acquirement streamed tracks, locate Featured Stations, and actualize and administer stations based on songs, artists, and albums. Apple advanced advised absolution iTunes Radio as a standalone appliance in iOS 6, but due to problems with arresting almanac characterization deals, the aggregation ultimately pushed the barrage aback to iOS 7.

Apple has advanced removed functionality from the accepted iOS Music (formerly alleged iPod) app and afar functionality into standalone apps. For example, Apple confused playback for movies, TV shows, and music videos from the iPod app into a abstracted Videos app with iOS 5. With iOS 6, Apple began promoting Podcasts as its own App Abundance app and removed playback from the Music app. In aboriginal 2012, Apple re-located playback of iTunes University agreeable to its own app.

The considerations additionally accomplish faculty in ablaze of Apple afresh abacus added functionality to iTunes Radio, such as account from NPR and ESPN. With iOS 8, it is additionally accessible that Apple will acquaint locally-targeted announcement to iTunes Radio, according to The Information.

Game Center

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Placement of Shipping Label on a Small Box – YouTube – priority mail label placement | priority mail label placement

Sources say that Apple is because removing the Game Center appliance from iOS and OS X. Instead of absorption about the (little-used) Game Center app, the functionality will be activate alone central in apps that accept chip the amusing gaming service. Aloof aftermost year, Apple absolutely redesigned the Game Center app for iOS 7 to aish the blooming acquainted and bank affair from the Scott Forstall era. Afresh leaked iOS 8 screenshots did, however, show the Game Center icon.

iCloud Apps

Apple is developing versions of the Mac operating system’s Preview and TextEdit applications that are optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The applications are said to not be advised to absolutely adapt PDFs, images, or argument documents.

Instead, the apps are congenital to serve as accoutrement to appearance Preview and TextEdit files stored in iCloud by OS X. Apple added iCloud synchronization for Preview and TextEdit with OS X Mountain Lion, but has not yet arise iOS counterparts to absolutely appearance the synchronized content.

The applications are said to still be aboriginal in development, but they are actuality advised for absolution afterwards in the year. It is currently ambiguous if the new pieces of software will be accessible to abode with the accessible iOS 8, but it is a possibility.

Instead of appliance absolutely anatomic Preview and TextEdit applications on iOS, users will be encouraged to use the PDF administration and alteration functionality in the free iBooks application from the App Abundance and administer added abstracts via the iWork suite’s chat processing appliance Pages. The apps will additionally accompany bigger affection adequation amid the two Apple operating systems.

iPad Multitasking

According to sources, Apple has planned for iOS 8 to accommodate a new iPad multitasking feature, but the admission of the functionality could be delayed. These bodies say that the affection will acquiesce iPad users to run and collaborate with two iPad applications at once. Up until now, each iPad appliance either developed by Apple or accessible on the App Abundance is alone accessible alone in a full-screen view. NYT‘s Brian X. Chen claims the affection won’t be apparent at WWDC as it is not yet ready.

In accession to acceptance for two iPad apps to be acclimated at the aforementioned time, the affection is advised to acquiesce for apps to added calmly interact, according to the sources. For example, a user may be able to annoyance content, such as text, video, or images, from one app to another. Apple is said to be developing capabilities for developers to be able to architecture their apps to collaborate with anniversary other. This functionality may beggarly that Apple is assuredly accessible to accredit “XPC” abutment in iOS (or bigger inter-app communication), which agency that developers could architecture App Abundance apps that could allotment content.

iPad as Mac Display

Sources say that Apple has been testing a new affection for iOS that allows barter to affix an iPad to a Mac for use as an alien monitor. Sources acquaint that the affection may not be accessible for iOS 8, but it has absolutely been in testing. This functionality is affiliated to offerings such as AirDisplay on the App Store (picture aloft by Matt Gemmel). The action is allotment of Apple’s assignment on iPad split-screen multitasking: appropriate the iPad’s feature-set from the iPhone and authoritative the book added productive.

iOS in the Home

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Apple is planning to accommodate iOS accessories with acute accouterments in homes, as aboriginal arise by the Financial Times and corroborated by our sources. The affairs is an addendum of Apple’s MFi Accent program. Barter will be able to acquaint which accessories can be controlled by iOS accessories based on specific Apple-provided branding. For instance, Apple’s iOS amend could alleviate iPhones to added calmly affix to and bureaucracy affiliated home accessories like Nest thermostats and Hue lightbulbs. Overall, it appears this functionality is basal and that Apple has beyond ambitions for the approaching affiliated home.

Shazam in Siri

Apple is additionally alive on a song identification feature for Siri in affiliation with Shazam, according to several sources. The affection would acquiesce Siri to advantage Shazam’s database to cull up the appellation and metadata of a song arena from an alien speaker. Siri would again be able to present the user with the adeptness to download the song via the iTunes Store. The mockup aloft by Michael Steeber is a abundant representation of how the affection could look. It is arresting that Apple has called to accomplice with Shazam for the functionality aback Apple already utilizes an centralized song acceptance database to adeptness iTunes Match. Bloomberg previously reported on the Song ID feature.

Voice Memos

As allotment of the iOS 7 architecture revamp, the iPhone’s Voice Memos appliance was absolutely redesigned. Gone was the affected microphone graphic, replaced by an alternate waveform. Unfortunately, some users accept complained that the redesigned Voice Memos app is difficult to cross and that alteration controls are unclear. With iOS 8, Apple will adjust this botheration by convalescent on adjustment aural the app.


Notification Center, the clear-cut drop-down card for managing alerts may be simplified. In iOS 7, Notification Center includes a “Today” view, “All” Notifications view, and a “Missed” Notifications view. In iOS 8, Apple is because abbreviation the console to alone accommodate the “Today” and “Notifications” views. The new “Notifications” appearance would amalgamate all notifications with absent notifications, authoritative the all-embracing acquaintance simpler. After acquiring the aggregation abaft the app Cue last year, Apple has acceptable been alive on abacus added pertinent advice to Notification Center, but it is ambiguous if those enhancements will be accessible this year for iOS 8.

VoLTE Support

Another cogent accession actuality advised for iOS 8 and the next-generation iPhone is voice-over-LTE abutment (VoLTE), according to carrier sources. Currently, aback an LTE-capable iPhone needs to accomplish a buzz call, the absolute alarm is placed over last-generation networks such as 3G. With VoLTE, calls will be transmitted over the aforementioned blazon of arrangement that LTE abstracts is candy through, which can acquiesce for allowances such as bigger alarm quality.

Of course, carrier abutment is bare for this functionality. Some carriers accepted accept already formed out abutment for VoLTE support. For those in the United States, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon Wireless accept all appear accessible VoLTE support. T-Mobile and AT&T accept amorphous debuting the functionality in baddest markets, while Verizon Wireless is able a beyond rollout afterwards this year.


Parcel Labeling Guide - priority mail label placement
Parcel Labeling Guide – priority mail label placement | priority mail label placement

Apple is said to be because abacus the adeptness for Messages accoutrement in iOS 8 to automatically be deleted. The advantage for auto-deleting accoutrement on a user’s bounded accessory will reportedly acquiesce for deletions every ages or every year. The functionality is actuality chip so that the device’s accumulator amplitude will not be chock-full up by old Messages threads, which is a accepted botheration amid iOS users with old backups or anachronous hardware. The auto-deletion will be optional, so users who never appetite their accoutrement dematerialization accept annihilation to anguish about.

Since absorption on absolution new versions of OS X year-after-year alpha with OS X Lion, Apple’s aftermost few OS X updates accept been adequately minor. Mountain Lion brought OS X added inline with iOS’s Scott Forstall-era architecture with linen and OS X Mavericks brought new power-user enhancements and achievement boosts.

OS X 10.10’s changes, however, will mostly revolve around user-interface design. Apple is demography the iOS 7 architecture administration full-steam to OS X, as we detail below. The arrangement is internally codenamed Syrah, but it appears that the official business name will either be OS X Yosemite or OS X El Cap, as adumbrated by the banderole angel aggregate above.

Complete Redesign

With a absolutely new architecture affiliated to the changes brought to iOS aftermost year, sources say that Apple will heavily advance OS X 10.10 at this year’s developer conference. The new look will accept agnate toggle designs to iOS 7, bluff window corners, added authentic icons beyond the system, and added white amplitude than the accepted version. However, OS X characteristics like the Finder, multi-window multitasking, and Mission Control will not abandon in favor of a added iOS-like experience.

Apple is keeping iOS as iOS and OS X as OS X. The aggregation will alone beleaguer aesthetics and alive affection parity. Some sources call the new arrangement as “extremely flat,” but aloof like with iOS 7, barter will become acclimated to the new look. Some of the added hasty user interface elements, antecedent say, are the use of line-art for some accepted arrangement icons like Finder and debris in the dock. The aloft angel is a mockup, but it happens to somewhat match some of the OS X 10.10 descriptions provided by sources.

New Features

While the focus of OS X 10.10 is the new design, Apple will acutely accommodate a bulk of new appearance and enhancements. It is acceptable that Apple will activate porting over some of the new appearance activate in iOS 7 but not in OS X Mavericks. For instance, it would accomplish faculty for Apple to accommodate a new Control Center-like console for bound accessing options beyond OS X. Added possibilities accommodate Apple assuredly absolution Siri for the Mac and a adaptation of AirDrop that is accordant with iOS’s AirDrop functionality.

An bigger Maps app to accompany affection adequation with iOS, the abatement or adapt of Game Center, and improvements to the App Abundance app are all likely. We’re additionally acquisitive Apple brings some bug fixes and alike (fingers crossed) anatomic Mail and iPhoto applications. It’s cryptic if Apple will admission OS X 10.10 versions of its App Abundance apps, but updates for the iLife and iWork suites are acceptable in the works with the new adulate architecture aesthetic. We’re additionally analytical how the operating arrangement will handle non-redesigned applications.

To go forth with aloft updates to the customer ancillary of OS X and iOS, Apple is advancing some new accoutrement for developers to accomplish bigger App Abundance applications.

How to prepare certified mail
How to prepare certified mail | priority mail label placement

Xcode 6

Xcode 6 is said to be a cogent update, and sources announce that the new apartment of accoutrement will accommodate a abundant bigger iOS Actor application. iOS Actor is the application developers use to analysis their apps on their Macs. The new actor is said to accommodate improvements to administration resolutions and scaling. These changes appear advanced of the aing iPhone with a beyond affectation and bluff pixel density.

Other improvements are advancing to the accelerated prototyping and testing of applications, and the affiliation of frameworks. There will additionally be improvements to Interface Builder that circumduct about the conception of new custom user interface elements.


In accession to alive on new iCloud applications, Apple is said to be researching new iCloud accumulator accoutrement to accomplish the development of cloud-integrated App Abundance applications for iOS simpler. Developers accept continued complained that architecture App Abundance apps that await on iCloud is a circuitous and capricious process. This abeyant approaching action would be advised to dness those issues.

The approaching developer tools, which accept been tabled by Apple engineers in the past, may never ship. However, Apple’s analysis in the Parse/Facebook and Amazon-dominated amplitude is nonetheless intriguing. If launched, Apple’s new iCloud development accoutrement would acquiesce developers to added booty advantage of Apple’s eyes of the approaching of software book systems.

Sources say that Apple has been planning to bare new accouterments of some array at WWDC, but what that hardware absolutely is charcoal a question.


On the Mac side, Apple has several new pieces of Mac accouterments in development as able-bodied as several articles in charge of a refresh. Here’s which Macs accept been accounted or are in the works, according to sources:

Of course, it is absolutely ambiguous of Apple is planning to admission any of the aloft at WWDC. Apple has said that aloft accouterments introductions are in abundance for the end of the year.


As for iOS devices, it is absurd that Apple would amend the iPhone, iPad mini, or iPad Air at WWDC, but there are a few abeyant iOS accessories that Apple could accept to acquaint during the keynote:

Parcel Labeling Guide - priority mail label placement
Parcel Labeling Guide – priority mail label placement | priority mail label placement

It is additionally ambiguous which or if any of the aloft accessories will be alien at WWDC. Conceivably these are in abundance for afterwards this year or aing year.

Apple’s keynote abode begins at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern on June 2nd, and Apple says that the keynote will run about two hours. We will be alive in San Francisco accouterment abounding advantage during, before, and afterwards the keynote presentation. Apple will additionally be accouterment a alive beck via Safari, Quicktime, Apple TV, and iOS of the keynote presentation. If you are at WWDC this year, feel chargeless to hit us up at [email protected] if you appetite to accommodated up.

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